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  1. I think this system will be good if u add block system so palyer can block another palyer and this player will be hidden
  2. Yeeeah.Sorry I don't see the video correctly.Btw you can use set it's will be better.Thank u again
  3. So if player open shop in first time you push him in vector, if open again ? He will be existed so vector size don't change .. ?
  4. Good job but i think if same player open shop don't increment seens counter will be better.Also, why you use vector ? And push every time ? in you case you don't want to chack if player opened shop or no to increment counter ! You can use single counter not vector. int counter = 0;
  5. it's same with python but he write it with c++ ^^ Nice topic Thanks @firewall
  6. Hi There ... i'm just finised my new system and i wanna share it Video Link: Mega Best wishes ... <3
  7. Hi There ! How i can run server in window and build server source in windows too ..? Not in FreeBsd
  8. I’m arabian.But i will translate system soon .
  9. HI There this new profile system for player .Player add some information about him. any Other Player Can Show profile . pic Vedio Download: Mega Best Wishes ..
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