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  1. Not exactly a problem with the Files itself, but with the dump_proto source. I built the Dump Proto after adding min/max gold for the Monster Target Info. Packing the Item_Proto gets stuck at vnum 17521 -> vnum 17522. The mob proto packs just fine. Please note, that building the dump_proto w/o the changes leads to the same results. The only changes I did in both cases was writing a print function, which dumps the output in a txt-file to see where it gets stuck. Thank you very much for your work Kind regards Korgaz PS: The pre-built dump_proto is working fine, but it's missing some functionalities I need.
  2. Hey guys, I'm using the Fliege v2.1 files and when I'm trying to add a stone to a weapon or armor, I get this error and nothing happens. Does anyone know how to fix it? The ui.py part, that's faulty. I marked the Line 2241. class ThinBoard(Window): CORNER_WIDTH = 16 CORNER_HEIGHT = 16 LINE_WIDTH = 16 LINE_HEIGHT = 16 BOARD_COLOR = grp.GenerateColor(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.51) LT = 0 LB = 1 RT = 2 RB = 3 L = 0 R = 1 T = 2 B = 3 def __init__(self, layer = "UI"): Window.__init__(self, layer) CornerFileNames = [ "d:/ymir work/ui/pattern/ThinBoard_Corner_"+dir+".tga" for dir in ["LeftTop","LeftBottom","RightTop","RightBottom"] ] LineFileNames = [ "d:/ymir work/ui/pattern/ThinBoard_Line_"+dir+".tga" for dir in ["Left","Right","Top","Bottom"] ] self.Corners = [] for fileName in CornerFileNames: Corner = ExpandedImageBox() Corner.AddFlag("attach") Corner.AddFlag("not_pick") Corner.LoadImage(fileName) Corner.SetParent(self) Corner.SetPosition(0, 0) Corner.Show() self.Corners.append(Corner) self.Lines = [] for fileName in LineFileNames: Line = ExpandedImageBox() Line.AddFlag("attach") Line.AddFlag("not_pick") Line.LoadImage(fileName) Line.SetParent(self) Line.SetPosition(0, 0) Line.Show() self.Lines.append(Line) Base = Bar() Base.SetParent(self) Base.AddFlag("attach") Base.AddFlag("not_pick") Base.SetPosition(self.CORNER_WIDTH, self.CORNER_HEIGHT) Base.SetColor(self.BOARD_COLOR) Base.Show() self.Base = Base self.Lines[self.L].SetPosition(0, self.CORNER_HEIGHT) self.Lines[self.T].SetPosition(self.CORNER_WIDTH, 0) def __del__(self): Window.__del__(self) if app.ENABLE_TARGET_INFO: def ShowCorner(self, corner): self.Corners[corner].Show() self.SetSize(self.GetWidth(), self.GetHeight()) def HideCorners(self, corner): self.Corners[corner].Hide() self.SetSize(self.GetWidth(), self.GetHeight()) def ShowLine(self, line): self.Lines[line].Show() self.SetSize(self.GetWidth(), self.GetHeight()) def HideLine(self, line): self.Lines[line].Hide() self.SetSize(self.GetWidth(), self.GetHeight()) def SetSize(self, width, height): width = max(self.CORNER_WIDTH*2, width) #Line 2241 height = max(self.CORNER_HEIGHT*2, height) Window.SetSize(self, width, height) self.Corners[self.LB].SetPosition(0, height - self.CORNER_HEIGHT) self.Corners[self.RT].SetPosition(width - self.CORNER_WIDTH, 0) self.Corners[self.RB].SetPosition(width - self.CORNER_WIDTH, height - self.CORNER_HEIGHT) self.Lines[self.R].SetPosition(width - self.CORNER_WIDTH, self.CORNER_HEIGHT) self.Lines[self.B].SetPosition(self.CORNER_HEIGHT, height - self.CORNER_HEIGHT) verticalShowingPercentage = float((height - self.CORNER_HEIGHT*2) - self.LINE_HEIGHT) / self.LINE_HEIGHT horizontalShowingPercentage = float((width - self.CORNER_WIDTH*2) - self.LINE_WIDTH) / self.LINE_WIDTH self.Lines[self.L].SetRenderingRect(0, 0, 0, verticalShowingPercentage) self.Lines[self.R].SetRenderingRect(0, 0, 0, verticalShowingPercentage) self.Lines[self.T].SetRenderingRect(0, 0, horizontalShowingPercentage, 0) self.Lines[self.B].SetRenderingRect(0, 0, horizontalShowingPercentage, 0) self.Base.SetSize(width - self.CORNER_WIDTH*2, height - self.CORNER_HEIGHT*2) def ShowInternal(self): self.Base.Show() for wnd in self.Lines: wnd.Show() for wnd in self.Corners: wnd.Show() def HideInternal(self): self.Base.Hide() for wnd in self.Lines: wnd.Hide() for wnd in self.Corners: wnd.Hide() Kind regards, Korgaz

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