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  1. Most players cannot enter the game at all. What are you going to do about it?
  2. Can I do a quest or source so that, for example, a 5% higher chance of dropping a bar if we have an item ID 21000 worn?
  3. How can I make sure that there is an inscription on the item, and after giving it bonuses, the inscriptions disappear?
  4. Something happened to the "/ b" command and when I want to write a message, it still crashes. Anyone know what to do?
  5. Hello, can someone tell me how to make bonuses values eg in the form of "14.25%" instead of only "14%"? I have this character bonus window: in the uicharacter.py file it looks like this: self.GetChild("strzal_value").SetText(str(player.GetStatus(74))+"%") And in the characterwindow.py file like this: { "name" : "strzaly", "type" : "text", "x" : 20, "y" : 30+125, "text" : "Odporność na Strzały:", "children" : ( { "name" : "slot", "type" : "slotbar", "x" : 200, "y" :
  6. Okay, works very well. However, I have one more question about this. Anyone know how to separate thousands in yang that we get from caskets, whose drop set in special_item_group.txt? I managed to separate thousands in yangs gained during quests etc.
  7. So e.g. instead of this: TOOLTIP_APPLY_ATTBONUS_ANIMAL Silny przeciwko Zwierzętom: +%d%% SA To do so: TOOLTIP_APPLY_ATTBONUS_ANIMAL Silny przeciwko Zwierzętom: +%s% SA And so each one individually?
  8. Hello, does anyone know how to do it so that there are dots separating thousands in bonuses? That, for example, instead of the 30k HP bonus there was not "+30000" but only "+30.000"?
  9. Hello, I do not have any problems with dropping bars from monsters. Is there any way to do it in the source code taking into account the difference in levels?
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