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  1. all permissions are 777 The server has been running for over a week without rebooting (I opened it as a bete). There were a total of over 300 people and after restart everyone lost their skills. Before the restart I gave / shutdown and waited for the counter on the page to indicate the number 0 with the number of players online.
  2. Unfortunately, it did't help. My skills still reset after turning off the server.
  3. Hello all. I write here for the first time and create a server for over a year. This is the only problem I can not deal with. I have a problem with character skills. After choosing everything is normal. I can add points to skills, log out etc. But when I turn off the server (regardless of whether I give it before / shutdown) all skills disappear. Sysser db / ch does not indicate any errors. Has anyone had this problem or knows what could be the reason?
  4. Hello. I have a small problem with mounts. When I put a seal, the character enters and immediately descends from the mount. Do you know what could be the reason for this?
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