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  1. Actually how did you manage to use gcc48 on FreeBSD 11.3? It's totally outdated. Consider updating it.
  2. Try adding -fno-stack-protector to compilation flags. You may as well check for linked libs if any of them can be the reason of the stack protector to kick in.
  3. You can make SplitMultiLine as static to save a bit of memory (since this function will be called plenty of times).
  4. locale_game.txt, PET_TEXTT_1. Fix arguments in there.
  5. Yeah that's pretty normal. Anyway had one builds its client files should not be read from disk at all (security reason; with exception for whitelist).
  6. I don't see the point of disabling loading files from pack. As I'm concerned, client built in distribute mode has this option disabled by default. On the other hand you can just disable this option by setting appropriate mode (sometimes reading from disc is useful for debugging stuff).
  7. Try to disable both firewalls and check then.
  8. I mean you'd suggested to change part of m_map_pkShop destruction (introduced collector etc.). The problem is leak is not related to this container. Have a look at piece of code you provided: m_map_pkShop.insert According to C++ docs insert method tries to add element if it not exists. Because of that fact pkShopEx is never, ever added to map (if one exists, which you rightly mentioned). Bear in mind that clearing m_map_pkShopByNPCVnum is not enough since it stores pointers to objects (allocated with new operators). Your recent alterations already handle it well. Good job man. for (auto it = m_map_pkShopByNPCVnum.begin(); it != m_map_pkShopByNPCVnum.end(); ++it) delete it->second;
  9. Well, the collector you came up with doesn't really does the job for me (pkShopEx is not stored anyway in m_map_pkShop since insert fails in that case). That's why I mentioned it
  10. Just wrap it into smart pointer mate. Or... Clear data from m_map_pkShopByNPCVnum instead (since every, singleobject ends up there).
  11. Add "-static" to compilation flags.
  12. Did you try to recompile is as static?
  13. You ought to add this to projects preprocessor defines: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5100283/how-do-i-setup-visual-studio-to-register-some-defines-globally
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