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Community Answers

  1. Each "when" statement has to be closed with just one "end". The same applies to "state", "if" and "quest". As an example that I can see in your code, you are trying to close single "when" statement with four "end"ings. That will not work. Try to refactor your quest once again with the knowledge you now have.
  2. Just hold 4 or 5 ($ or %) and scroll the mousewheel, man. It makes no sense to move your cursor outside of the canvas while holding an object. I got what you mean but there's no more efficient way. The keys do the exact same thing that you wrote above except the fact the values are 1.0 & 0.050.
  3. You are a savior, this is great! There is one more thing I forgot to mention above, regarding the Terrain tab. It is not a bug but it would also be really lovely to have. We all know how the rotation axis on the Object tab works, right? 1234567 + scrollwheel to slide it (btw the 6th is not working as it is supposed to, same step as the 5th) Let me do an example: 1) Press 1 or 2 to change the shape of the brush 2) Press 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 to change the type of the brush 3) Press & hold 1 or 2 and scroll the wheel to slide the scale & strength sliders - this is the most crucial one This functionality has already been implemented for the water brush. When holding 4 or 5 and scrolling the wheel, its height changes. It also seems that the texture listBox is refreshing while doing that. Once again, thank you for all that you do, marty! It might seem that it is just a few details but when you think about it a bit, it is plenty of hours of work wasted on handling an unfinished UI.
  4. I do recommend these guys. Everything went absolutely smoothly.
  5. Hmm, I cannot come up with a reasonable usage. Edit: Ah, ok. But there's an object output option as well which does basically the same thing. Sure they are worth it. But do not get me wrong, I am not forcing anyone to do so. I am pretty ok with the v24. I just wanted to point out a few things that I noticed (based on what marty wrote above) and that would be really nice to have. Not must have.
  6. I see what you mean but it never really disappears until you restart the editor. I do not really care about it, I can live with that. I just wanted to show you what I found. It did not behave like this in the previous versions. I use the grid very often and never noticed such a thing.
  7. This is awesome man, thank you a lot! I really like the initiative regarding different water textures. Hopefully it will come to an successful end so we do not have to rename the water folders everytime we do something like that. Really, really, big up for that! Anyway I wonder if it is a good idea to place this functionality into the .msenv since imho it is related to the map itself much more rather than to the environment even if it feels more natural like that. Maybe I'm wrong, change my mind. What I wanted to say is that I am the "keep it as clean as possible" guy in terms of the pack and I do not want to have redundant .msenv files only because of that I want to have two different maps with the same env settings but with different water textures. I think it should work more like this. It is not perfect either. You would have to change all of the maps which I belive should be done differently. Like to have some default state if no water texture info was found. Anyways this is just a spec and I believe you know what you're doing. The other thing is that I noticed the character's shadow now renders a bit different. I've got no problem with that, just saying. Regarding to the bugs or misfunctionality there is a thing that's really pi***** me off. It is the treeview in the obj tab. You cannot unselect completely which means if you want to create a new root node, you have to close the editor, create it manually in Win and relaunch the editor again. It may seem like it is not a big deal but when you work with that sw everyday it becomes frustrating after some time. Imagine that you need to relaunch VS everytime you create a new "whatever". ? And that leads me to one more thing that comes up to my mind right now. (edit: you can unselect but no root node can be created) I do not know how complicated it could be to recache all the stuff right from the inside of the editor. Same as for the nodes, having to relaunch the editor after you change a texture of your model becomes really frustrating after the first time you do it. (edit: it would be really nice to have the possibility to f.e. rightclick the object you want to reload, the context menu appears, you click reload and voilà..) There is really a lot of such small things and I will update this answer when I have more time and when the ideas come. EDIT: 1) The trees get smhw messed up after you use the 10m grid. 2) A "Load latest" button at the first tab or "File -> Recent -> metin2_map_latest" would be a really nice feature to have. 3) If the attr slider under the ATTR tab in the Attribute Number GroupBox is really as useless as everyone claims, it should be removed. It only causes weird bugs (the attr higlighter starts to behave in a really weird way) and it is really easy to slide that without noticing. 4) Not important but still buggy imho - the Fake portal CheckBox (I do not even know what is that for xD) hides all of the objects on the map. 5) If you want to use the Goto (Alt+G) function, you cannot get over 512x512 which can be a problem sometimes. F.e. I worked on a map where there was a need to create an imaginary circle that was detected as a PvP arena by the server as you walk into it and it has never been done 100% accurately because it is barely possible to move to the center with mouse only. 6) It is almost impossible to select the timestamps.. I love you, you fixed the timestamps in the time events of effect's particles ? It even seems it displays a lot better now Once again, thank you a lot! I really appreciate that you came back to us with such a huge amount of changes. Btw. I am truly stoked to see the encryption that is comming. Hopefully the work of great @.plechito' won't get stolen ever again. Best Regards, sandbone
  8. From what you wrote above I suppose that you are using VirtualBox or other virtualization software which means you will have to connect your 2nd PC to the same network since it is not public.
  9. Hey, imho it is this self.pos = ui.NewComboBox() class. Open your ui.py, look for the class NewComboBox() and set the position there.
  10. I almost died as well ? lulw You can mount your folder as a drive in Win. I took the first I found but at least it will show you the idea of how it works. Take a look here.
  11. And who forces you to do a server with all those features, guys? I mean.. you can use source and hide it all on the frontend if you do not like it. You can have an easily managable backend and just do it the way of your liking. The way the core of "the good ol' game" works never changed as far as I know. Change my mind.
  12. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hi devs, I thought this tool might help to anybody who uses Eternexus or to people who sell their work to people who use it. Since Eternexus is case sensitive, all files within your packs that contain upper case letters will be ignored. With my tool you can simply rename all of them with one doubleclick. The tool is a simple Powershell script Get-ChildItem -Path $PSScriptRoot -Recurse | Where{ $_.Name -cne $_.Name.ToLower() } | ForEach-Object { $tn="$($_.Name)-temp"; $tfn="$($_.FullName)-temp"; $nn=$_.Name.ToLower(); Rename-Item -Path $_.FullName -NewName $tn; Rename-Item -Path $tfn -NewName $nn -Force;} compiled to .EXE for an easier usage. It was compiled with PS2EXE. Usage: Here is the VirusTotal & here is the download.
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