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  1. Preet

    Looking for Systems

    Still looking for some who can sell/share the following systems. Please dont post any systems, if you are not sure they work 100% Group buff (Should be able to buff withot group too) Official Hotkey System Group EXP Share* (Gleichmäßige Verteilung*) (3. Option in Group, that people get more exp, when more guys are in group.. Like Shiro3, Akaya2,...) Won System full unbugged (inkl. Offline Shop changes for Great Version) Transmutation If you can add it to my files , i can pay you a fee! Just send ma an PM
  2. Looking for a guys who is intressted to work over longer time for a monthy lump sum send me an pm
  3. Cant find error.. can you maybe send me your skype?
  4. Hi guys! Im trying to fix the following things since weeks... Maybe someone can help here and there to get a solution for the problems.. 1. When i wear a weapon-costume i just can see it on char not in costume window slot 2. On some maps some chars cant attack from mount (looks like its totaly random) 3. when i combine 2 sash'es same grade (15%+) it doesnt get higher 4. when i enable quest category in commondefines.h i get a "unknown packet header....." 5. i have archer quiver added and ninja cant shot from mounts and they are standing on mounts Best Regards, Preet
  5. Still looking for a guy who want to earn something
  6. Preet

    DEV to fix Sash

    U cant get messages.. My skype is "metin2zocker88@hotmail.com"
  7. Preet

    DEV to fix Sash

    Since i added Sash im Having an absorbtion grade on my Mounts..
  8. Preet

    DEV to fix Sash

    Looking for a Guy who can help my to fix some buggs @Sash System I pay a fee when all working fine! Just hit me up
  9. Preet

    Looking for Systems

    No Problem man Thank you very much!
  10. Preet

    Looking for Systems

    Really? Cant find it.. Can you maybe link it please?
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