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  1. Unfortunately, I can only choose one answer
  2. Thank you sir , i hope you have a nice day .
  3. so , if i want to use function in quests , that's i defined it , all what i need to define it in questlua_pc.cpp and use it in quests ? that's if define it in pc , use it like pc.myFunctionName?
  4. thank you , but it seems you did not understand a question well , or i not define my problem well , i mean in my question : in every programming language you should define function first and then use it , or import some modules and use their function but here in quests we don'd define function and not import any module that has the function pc.get_level() , but use it directly without knowing him where is the function located . and i want to know what other function other than (pc functions) can use it directly ?
  5. Hello , i have a question : How functions in quests accessible ; that is mean how lua know at run time where is the finction located to execute it , i think automtically he import some thing but i don't know that , if so what is it module ?! Ex : pc.get_level() how know where there it Second Question : How to know all variable and Functions that can be accessed directly in quests
  6. I haven't played for a long time so I guess it's a bug , but thank you
  7. yes i know that , and expect it as a problem , so how to solve it , or how to make all storage linked with each character alone ?
  8. Hello Everyone , the problem appears in the same account when enter some character in the account and left some things in the store and exit the game , and enter another character in the same account i found the items i left in the previous character in the store , in other words there is only one store for all character in the same account, when left item in one character , found it in other character in the same account
  9. hey all i use this client i translate it from tr to ae and get the following error when enter the game , it opened but crashes before enter the game board 1226 21:01:19945 :: CPythonItem::LoadItemTable: invalid item_proto[locale/ae/item_proto] STRIDE[152] != sizeof(158) 1226 21:01:19945 :: LoadLocaleData - LoadItemProto(locale/ae/item_proto) Error
  10. i tried to comment it , but not solved .
  11. i solved it from uitarget.py in root
  12. in the top left there is a bonus and more than half of words are hidden so , how to modify the coordinates so all words appear when mouse is stopped at it also i want to modify this title because it's Overlapping , so i want to extend the height and width and modify coordinates aslo here the word in icon and want to shift words to right i only need the location of modification and i will test all x's and y's
  13. Hello my friends I have a query, I want to understand everything from the first to enter the account name and password until checking the account and enter the game or in other words how to find these codes to understand the process how to occur?
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