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  1. Hello community and happy new year!! I will release a panel written to waste of time that will allow you to start, turn off, perform backups, compile quests or clean the syserr in a very fast and all in one interface and thus eliminating the classic bash file " start.sh, close.sh etc ...! I wrote the script very "easy" to be understandable for anyone who has a minimum of Python knowledge and also I put the most important variables immediately after import! The script works on Python 2.7 with FreeBSD 9.7 machine. Well make good use ##FreeWar Panel import os import subprocess import time TO_DELETE = ["syserr", "syslog", "cartof.core", "db.core"] CORE_NAME = "cartof" BACKUP_PATH = "/usr/game/backup" SERVER_PATH = "/usr/game/server/" LOCALE_SERVICE_QUESTS = "/usr/game/share/locale/romania/quest" def main(): print(''' \033[1;32;40m___________ __ __ \_ _____/______ ____ ____/ \ / \_____ _______ | __) \_ __ \_/ __ \_/ __ \ \/\/ /\__ \\_ __ \ | \ | | \/\ ___/\ ___/\ / / __ \| | \/ \___ / |__| \___ >\___ >\__/\__/ (____ /__| \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ __________ .__ \______ \_____ ____ ____ | | | ___/\__ \ / \_/ __ \| | | | / __ \| | \ ___/| |__ |____| (____ /___| /\___ >____/ \/ \/ \/ Press Key: 1) Start Server 2) Close Server 3) Clean SYSERR, SYSLOG, CoreDump 4) Compile all or one quest 5) Backup Server 0) Close \033[0;37;40m ''') while True: a = raw_input("Value between 0 and 5:") try: a = int(a) except ValueError: print "Valid number, please" continue if 0 <= a <= 5: break else: print "Valid range, please: 0-5" if a == 1: print("\033[1;36;40mPlease enter number of CH(1-4): \033[0;37;40m") while True: chn = raw_input("Digit 0 to break start operation! ") try: chn = int(chn) except ValueError: print "Valid number, please" continue if 0 <= chn <= 4: break else: print "Valid range, please: 0-4" if chn == 0: return os.chdir(SERVER_PATH + "db_auth/db") subprocess.Popen("./db") time.sleep(2) os.chdir(SERVER_PATH + "db_auth/auth") subprocess.Popen("./auth") time.sleep(2) for x in range(1, (chn + 1)): folderlink = (SERVER_PATH + "ch" + str(chn)) for y in range(1, 5): os.chdir(folderlink + "/core_" + str(y)) subprocess.Popen("./core_" + str(y)) time.sleep(2) print("\033[1;32;40m ++Server Online++ \033[0;37;40m") return elif a == 2: Alive = "" ps = subprocess.Popen("pgrep " + CORE_NAME, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) Alive = ps.stdout.read() ps.stdout.close() ps.wait() if len(Alive) > 0: subprocess.Popen("pkill " + CORE_NAME, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) print("Metin2 server closed!") elif len(Alive) == 0: print("Metin2 Server is already Offline!") return elif a == 3: for x in range(0, len(TO_DELETE)): print "Deleting " + TO_DELETE[x] ps = subprocess.Popen("find . -name " + TO_DELETE[x] + " -delete", shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) print("Clean!1") elif a == 4: print("Digit the name of the quest or digit 'ALL' to compile all quests: ") name = raw_input() os.chdir(LOCALE_SERVICE_QUESTS) if name == "ALL": os.system("for f in *.quest; do ./qc $f; done") os.system("for f in *.lua; do ./qc $f; done") else: os.system("./qc " + name) elif a == 5: from datetime import datetime Time = str(datetime.now()) print "Backup on the way..." if not os.path.exists(BACKUP_PATH): os.makedirs(BACKUP_PATH) os.chdir(BACKUP_PATH) os.makedirs(Time) os.chdir(Time) os.system("tar cfzv GAME_" + Time + ".tar.gz /usr/game") os.system("tar cfzv MySQL_" + Time +".tar.gz /var/db/mysql") elif a == 0: os.system("clear") return time.sleep(1) main() main()
  2. Dear ciffer, i will not sell "buggy trash" and no one will say you to buy this forcely Dear community, i'm really sorry about my delay, the system is in the process of being released soon!
  3. Hello everyone! I'm working on source to change the python lib from 2.2 to 3.7.1! Now i have changed every single deprecated function and checked if the function return the same result and until now everything is ok! Now i can't understand why visual studio give me the external symbol error. This is 1 of 40 errors: GameLib.lib(MapOutdoor.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall CScreenFilter::SetBlendType(char,char)" (?SetBlendType@CScreenFilter@@QAEXDD@Z) and this is where the function is called m_ScreenFilter.SetBlendType((char)mc_pEnvironmentData->byFilteringAlphaSrc, (char)mc_pEnvironmentData->byFilteringAlphaDest); anyone have idea about this problem?
  4. #BUMP The release date is the 1 November idk if can release here the price, in case i ask to moderator to edit this post! Price: €150.00 Every fix of eventually bug will be release here and on my WebSite!
  5. If you change the size from metin2.cfg and put a invalid size metin2 can go outside of display or cause crash for you pc "If it is old"! With this method we check if the resolution of metin2.cfg exist in our resolutions!
  6. Exactly! Ymir looking for 800 x 600 for the best graphics details!
  7. How many people found this error on pserver or Official Metin2? With Windows >= 8 we found this problem and we have fixed with the compatibility checker but this is not the best way! The real problem is this string on the source of client EterLib/GrpDevice.cpp if (!ms_kD3DDetector.Find(800, 600, 32, TRUE, &ms_iD3DModeInfo, &ms_iD3DDevInfo, &ms_iD3DAdapterInfo)) The application go to find the default resolution "800x600" but this is not the correct way! With new generation some computer have deleted the 800x600 resolution and this cause problems! to solve this we change previous line with this: if (!ms_kD3DDetector.Find(iHres, iVres, 32, TRUE, &ms_iD3DModeInfo, &ms_iD3DDevInfo, &ms_iD3DAdapterInfo)) We force the application to find the resolution we have set up with config.exe "I remind you that config.exe get the possible resolutions automatically"! With this method the application always start without problem and compatibility setting. And if you have a Metin2 Official? if you have intel chip with the intel control panel you can add personal resolution if not you can add the resolution with edit some things in the registry but i not suggest it if you not know how registry work! Hope can i help someone!
  8. I think to not edit the inventory and other thing because every client has a personal python class and i think work on it causes many problems to many clients! The same thing for login page! if you have suggestions I welcome them.
  9. Premise:The system in question is integrated into the client through the use of existing libraries! it was enough to enable it through some modifications of the source and to define the various commands, make the installation very simple and intuitive I assure you! What can i do?It is expected that by the end of the realization of this system you can fully use the client "PG, game windows and maybe even chat", at the moment you can use the PG. Have you a release date?At the moment no, the work still requires the care of many details.Have a video about this system?This V 0.1 Alpha "DirectInput" This V 0.2 Alpha "XInput" This V 0.3 Alpha "New Functions" FEATURES: * Migration to XInput and abandonment of DirectInput support * Adding vibration vibration & low life "PS and Xbox Controller" * QuickSlot that can be recalled by pressing the O (PSX) or B (X360) button * Defined DeadZone "Analog" * Added Settings window "Under construction" * Added virtual keyboard to write in chat and more; * Added character selection via controller; * Addition of Auto-Select NPC / MOB / PG and with the pressure of X (PS) A (XBOX) its relative function; * Added quest and selection navigation; System out now! Contact me! WebSite
  10. You can try to chance this file folder. Insert the the center.tga in the pack where the load the file "example the file that load this image is center.py and it is located in root pack you paste the center.tga in root pack" after this edit the line "d;ymir work/.../..." with "center.tga". That should be work Sorry for my bad English
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