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  1. If you buy the system, you would get support.
  2. Hello, In consultation with @Sanii i sell his systems for him. Switchbot | Price without implementation 100 Euro / Price with implementation 135 Euro Special Inventory | Price without implementation 100 Euro / Price with implementation 150 Euro Dragonsoul-Set | Mythic Alchemy | Price without implementation 75 Euro / Price with implementation 100 Euro Target-Affect-Shower | Price without implementation 35 Euro / Price with implementation 50 Euro You can write me a PM or at Discord: LordZiege#5634 I only accept Paypal (Friends & Family). Kind regards PS: The tutorials made by Sanii not me.
  3. LordZiege

    all QC - Source

    Hello, i release a working qc source. tested with vs2019 and freebsd 11.3 64 bit. Be sure you compile liblua on both systems before build the qc kind regards VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/ZGQyYjdlMzM2ZTk0ODA4Y2EyOTEzZTQ5MTRhOGE3ZWQ6MTU4ODU0MjQwNg==/detection DL: https://mega.nz/file/0B1HkCJI#xJy3TNeEBolnkY9MpvNlEY7tUs-WBYWM1V5d3YFxCE8
  4. ty, i edit my solution in my post
  5. FIX: ui.py add: def MakeRadioButton(parent, x, y, tooltipText, path, up, over, down): button = RadioButton() button.SetParent(parent) button.SetPosition(x, y) button.SetUpVisual(path + up) button.SetOverVisual(path + over) button.SetDownVisual(path + down) button.SetToolTipText(tooltipText) button.Show() return button class MoveChannelDialog replace this: self.channelButtonList.append(ui.MakeButton(self.blackBoard, 7, 7+30*i, "", "d:/ymir work/ui/game/myshop_deco/", "select_btn_01.sub", "select_btn_02.sub", "select_btn_03.sub")) with this: self.channelButtonList.append(ui.MakeRadioButton(self.blackBoard, 7, 7+30*i, "", "d:/ymir work/ui/game/myshop_deco/", "select_btn_01.sub", "select_btn_02.sub", "select_btn_03.sub")) Hey there, this is my problem. the down event not working right (only in this window) i hope someone have any idea. (i didnt changed anything in the class and source)
  6. in battle.cpp float CalcAttackRating(LPCHARACTER pkAttacker, LPCHARACTER pkVictim, bool bIgnoreTargetRating)
  7. Use Mirror to database in database source and load item_proto and mob_proto as txt, mirror to database and ure done
  8. debug without backtrace. no one will and can help you.
  9. when you already installed python2.7 then use: python27 instead of python to compile quests. or even change the linking.
  10. self.GetChild2("Text_Slot29").SetText(str(player.GetStatus(45)*2) + "%")
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