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  1. If you buy the system, you would get support. ?
  2. Hello, i release a working qc source. tested with vs2019 and freebsd 11.3 64 bit. Be sure you compile liblua on both systems before build the qc kind regards VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/ZGQyYjdlMzM2ZTk0ODA4Y2EyOTEzZTQ5MTRhOGE3ZWQ6MTU4ODU0MjQwNg==/detection DL: https://mega.nz/file/0B1HkCJI#xJy3TNeEBolnkY9MpvNlEY7tUs-WBYWM1V5d3YFxCE8
  3. ty, i edit my solution in my post
  4. FIX: ui.py add: def MakeRadioButton(parent, x, y, tooltipText, path, up, over, down): button = RadioButton() button.SetParent(parent) button.SetPosition(x, y) button.SetUpVisual(path + up) button.SetOverVisual(path + over) button.SetDownVisual(path + down) button.SetToolTipText(tooltipText) button.Show() return button class MoveChannelDialog replace this: self.channelButtonList.append(ui.MakeButton(self.blackBoard, 7, 7+30*i, "", "d:/ymir work/ui/game/myshop_deco/", "select_btn_01.sub", "select_btn_02.sub", "select_btn_03.sub")) with this
  5. in battle.cpp float CalcAttackRating(LPCHARACTER pkAttacker, LPCHARACTER pkVictim, bool bIgnoreTargetRating)
  6. Use Mirror to database in database source and load item_proto and mob_proto as txt, mirror to database and ure done
  7. debug without backtrace. no one will and can help you.
  8. when you already installed python2.7 then use: python27 instead of python to compile quests. or even change the linking.
  9. self.GetChild2("Text_Slot29").SetText(str(player.GetStatus(45)*2) + "%")
  10. Train your skill. Target System is very easy to install. Maybe the easiest system to install.
  11. hey guys, FIX: Use send_letter not in the state before. when you want a letter in next state, send it in that state, not in the state before. problem: quest: https://pastebin.com/HGcEdv6A All other quests working fine. the letter you get after is also working. Kind regards
  12. I can highly recommend "The Expanse". Acutally the best SciFi series of 2018/2019. Also: Lethal Weapon Sons of Anarchy Vikings Kevin can wait
  13. not complete. (no old inventory, no old skill window)
  14. FIXXED: replace open with old_open when you try to write/read files Thanks to @martysama0134 Same problem: 0525 18:26:00904 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0525 18:26:00905 :: File "uiPhaseCurtain.py", line 63, in uiPhaseCurtain.PhaseCurtain.OnUpdate (uiPhaseCurtain.c:1610) 0525 18:26:00905 :: File "networkModule.py", line 152, in networkModule.MainStream.__ChangePhaseWindow (networkModule.c:2792) 0525 18:26:00905 :: File "introLogin.py", line 269, in introLogin.LoginWindow.Open (introLogin.c:6350) 0525 18:26:00905 :: File "introLogin.py", line 1124, in in
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