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  1. Use static_cast and cast it to long long and your problems should be solved.
  2. Or you disable auto encode detection in notepad++.
  3. Nvm, i didnt saw the video. Woukd be nice if he post complete querys of his chests, also golden one and the keys for them. And also his full part of case ITEM_TREASURE_KEY from char_item
  4. Chest item type needs to be ITEM_TREASURE_BOX (for sql 20) Key item type needs to be ITEM_TREASURE_KEY (for sql 21)
  5. You added special_item_group part for the chest? otherwise it wont work.
  6. You should use the same value in value0 and not the value of the chest/key wtf. Learn to read exactly. He descriped it completly correctly.
  7. LordZiege


    Bought some things back in november 2020. The quality is amazing. I recommand him very much!
  8. char.cpp the 86400 ist the time in seconds i think.
  9. Seems not to work. Login wont work anymore.
  10. In output it says quest::pc_get_current_map_index And you post pc_get_war_map I dont think you got the right line
  11. i think in char_skill.cpp void CHARACTER::ClearSkill() { PointChange(POINT_SKILL, 4 + (GetLevel() - 5) - GetPoint(POINT_SKILL)); ResetSkill(); }
  12. When your server is going down, you need to debug your game.core and then post the output here.
  13. also ask for a fix 17 hours ago, so its not your fix, only stealer.
  14. If you buy the system, you would get support. ?
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