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  1. original files, can you make the necessary arrangements? TextBar.cpp GrpFontTexture.cpp
  2. The dot problem still continues. UI_DEF_FONT Arial: 14 UI_DEF_FONT_LARG Arial: 16 UI_DEF_FONT_SMALL Arial: 12
  3. I still can't build the project. What is the visual studio version?
  4. When to upload the converter.exe? Because i can't build the project.
  5. help. can you upload the convecter.exe ?
  6. any solution? https://prnt.sc/n1z03f http://prntscr.com/n1z06d
  7. There is such a problem in certain parts of the map. https://gyazo.com/3390b5d5a68f48ec71104bec975ad1fa
  8. I've been wondering what's on the hidden tabs because there are too many tabs: D
  9. PythonApplication.cpp find -> void CPythonApplication::UpdateGame() find -> DWORD t3=ELTimer_GetMSec(); add before -> m_kRenderTargetManager.UpdateModels();
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