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  1. Thank you guys! We were kinda giving up as all of us were busy with university/working/personal stuff, but we decided to give another try and already redesigned some part of it. I can't say anything for sure yet but we are on the duty!
  2. Hey guys, I'm back in the business after 2 years of silence, I wanna see the hottest contents what I skipped, including new models, maps, features, quests, etc. I think searching won't help me much at this point, and I might miss the best features of this very long time. If you guys can link me some hot, clean and professional works that had been published in the past 2 years, I would be very grateful for you all.
  3. Very useful stuff, I'm surely trying it out. Thank you
  4. Sorry, it seems that my Wuala account has been deleted because of inactivity. I'll try to reupload them as soon as possible.
  5. Seems that my Wuala account has been deleted because of inactivity. I'll try to reupload the pack to Mega as soon as possible, but I'm not sure that I can find every item on my pc, so the reuploaded version might be a bit different. I'll try to include more models in it, but it might take a while, sorry for that.
  6. Exynox, I'm glad to hear your interest, please add me on skype for the further discussion: babi_nennye For the others: I forgot the update the topic, actually the given email address is out of service, so we can't read the messages you send us. But feel free to add me on skype and speak about the topic
  7. Looks good I also found some useful free stuffs on your website, thank you
  8. Awesome! Btw, Chrome doesn't allow it to be saved for the computer so I had to use Firefox.
  9. https://www.freebsd.org/doc/handbook/bsdinstall-partitioning.html Google knows everything
  10. Oh I see. Have you tried a different game file as well?
  11. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/gg309170.aspx
  12. It's a notice about a missing texture, and somewhere it tries to load a .psd file which is not supported by the client and shouldn't be there anyways. But these can't cause a client crash so rather the other error is which does it.
  13. Then why don't you change the map index in the quest?
  14. Dear Community, I've made this design about 1,5 years ago but I didn't use it and never will, so I decided to publish it for you. As I'm not a graphic designer, I just plagiarised it from different GUIs, only the header is made completely by made, so don't hate me because of that In this download you can find: css index.php home & login.php includes images psd file for header (only with the picture and logo, so you can change it) This template is fully compatible with Hen's cms, but you can convert it for any cms. Screen: I know this isn't the greatest work you can find but I think it can still be useful for newbies. Ps.: I didn't translate the php files, but I don't believe it can cause a problem for anyone to translate them to your own languages. But if you demand it, I can upload an English version too, of course. Download Kind regards, RoxaLyssa
  15. hardrevo: You likely get this error because you are using MySQL5.6, which doesn't like null value for enum columns.
  16. Thank you, Shogun Can someone tell me what are the differences between this skill proto and the official one? Because I also made many modifications in the skill proto and it would be a bit hard work for me to check every row.
  17. Feel free to send your own application email to the [email protected] address
  18. I think many of you know E. L. James' best seller trilogy, whose first part is the Fifty Shades of Grey. Lately has been released the trailer of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, which became one of the most viewed trailers in so little time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfZWFDs0LxA The Fifty Shades is a highly erotic trilogy about Anastasia, an average girl who is drawn into a relationship with one of the richest people in America, Mr. Grey. He's a really desirable, attractive, mysterious man, who has many incomprehensible habits. Even in his relationships. Quickly reveals, that he's a dominant who wants far more from that girl who just visited him for an interview. Fifty Shades of Grey movie will be released on Valentine's Day of 2015. But be careful, it's not for teenagers Anyways, the movie's cast has been a great debate. Most of people agreed with Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steel, but Mr. Grey's actor, Jamie Dornan disappointed most of people (including me too). Most of the fans wanted Matt Bomer to play this role, because his looking is exactly like Christian Grey was written in the books, contrast to Jamie Dornan, but the author E. L. James didn't want him to play Mr. Grey because of the actor's homosexuality. Well, she knows... About the books, maybe they are a bit overrated. I read the full trilogy when they came out, and I found most of the parts boring. But still has some interesting and much more pervert parts, and the 3rd book also has exciting actions. But after watching the movie trailer, I can't wait to watch the full movie too. I think we will be able to see many interesting acts there What is your opinion about both the books and the movie?
  19. Maybe you can ask him or use his service: http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/metin2-trading/1868676-pserver-new-animations-mdatr-mde-export-creation-services.html
  20. Shaving the map? sooo hardcore Try to use WE remix which you can find on epvp. A really talented guy develops it, and it's nearly perfect.
  21. Do you really want us to think instead of you? Your textures are not in their right path as the previous speakers already mentioned, and your syserr also says this problem
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