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  1. Just edit the Alpha Layer of the .dds file (the texture) in Photoshop, the whiter it is, the brighter it will be in game.
  2. Good job for this release. It's highly needed for everyone who wants to take the advantage of whatever is in their source without having to open the module and check how it works and if it's there. It just makes it simpler for everyone who wants to start coding something without knowing exactly the usage or just for people who wants to gain time.
  3. I've been using 2k shadowmaps and above in the past and it doesn't really solve a lot of things, it's still kinda weird and doesn't give a lot of change in the final render. If you aim to upgrade shadows, try to base yourself upon Dynamic shadows that occurs on Instances instead of the static shadowmap shadow. But it requieres quite a lot of work. Thanks for your updates Marty, it's really useful.
  4. This is the kind of lore friendly I love, congrats plechito!
  5. One thing I think that's important to mention is that the client doesn't need a lot of dll to run, and this number can be reduced if the libs and game are compiled and linked as static. However, your client executable will be heavier in size. The second thing worth mentionning is that you will often see clients with d3d9, or d3dx8 or whatever dll regarding DirectX. Some players doesn't have the proper dll from DirectX redistribuable in their computer and the game won't start because of this, so most owners prefers to unpack the dll directly at the root of their client to avoid prob
  6. Really clean code, I did it way worse (both check-out and check-in) back then with a for loop iterating through the slots because I didn't want to take too much time on it. Yours is definitely cleaner. Thanks! Always good quality content from you.
  7. Wonderful release, thank you Shogun, astonishing work, the map doesn't look like random terrain with random bump and objects placed randomly on the map. Congratulations.
  8. I would warn you however not to do ANY change into the platform related includes, it can backslash at any moment, even though the change is minimal, you don't know what it can break. For me it only happened when I misplaced the includes.
  9. Reorganize include order, place them above "Area.h" and below "Timer.h"
  10. Topic edited! Thank you for the updates and your code is really clean! This is the kind of tutorial that I like. Also, I haven't tried yet but theorically it should work, if some of you ever need to add a thing to this system (i.e rarity), you can try to use std::make_tuple instead and access it through std::get (unless using more recent C++ versions that can actually iterate a tuple). Or simply stay stuck to C++98 and use more dirty nested pairs. std::vector<std::pair<int,std::pair<int, int>>
  11. I please ask you to stop polluting this thread with futile arguments, the main debate can be straightened out and will be soon. Contact the staff if you have a grief toward someone. #Offtopic messages hidden.
  12. I guess I will have to step-in for many reasons as I don't want this thread to become a public lynching. Before everything, I will say that if ANY of you have problems with either a reseller, or anything related to scamming and fraudulous behaviours to contact us on the forum or on the Discord to get the things straightened out. We will take measures and we already did multiple times. Now, about this "covering" of Marty, I will say that Marty was already a question of debate within the staff for multiple reasons, but in fact there is no reasons to consider him as either
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