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  1. Hi, It is normal? I guess. You will always deal more damage riding a horse.
  2. Top notch quality with every one of your work, from presentation to release itself. Good job!
  3. Excellent work! It's just mastermind because we all tried to fix memory leaks by ourselves and try to analize them while in fact we can simply tell the game to return 0 to every memory it stores once it used it. Excellent. Deserved +1
  4. Here you go boys, for the sake of nostalgia. https://mega.nz/file/dRsg1RST#3zSFAeyhWtemKMRn_3o8lRzdEqU1rbydmbzRnmyS4Nw
  5. VegaS closed the topic because it is not made to discuss or have an argument about it. If you want more informations, it was a general shutdown that was completely out of our control and our sphere of ability. It was hitting the provider and was not a local problem. The whole machine was down and we were unable to access it by any means and it had to undergo manual maintenance. Sorry for the downtime, but it had nothing to do with team.
  6. You don't have the correct function. Check every source with sash, it has it. Note that this topic isn't an help request.
  7. Dead Download Link Moved Topic If someone has the archive of this topic, can you send it to us? Thank you!
  8. In my opinion, the game design of the current Devil's Catacombs is top notch. Back then, the Devil Tower was the hardest (and only) dungeon in the game with good rewards (chests, books and an exclusive blacksmith). It was when level 75 players were really rare and they were neither with level 66 armors nor level 75 weapons. It was a really hard dungeon and when the new floors opened with the Grim Reaper at the top, it was very hard. Later on, the catacombs opened and it was a really good teaser. You had to climb on top of the tower to kill the boss to finally do the opposite: go way below
  9. I've been running my server very smoothly with MySQL8 for a long time already and as Asikoo said, it doesn't requiere this much. You just need to wrap `window` like I shown, because it became "protected" in MySQL8. He explained the rest of the guide accurately.
  10. You... Always... Were..
  11. This topic has already been treated in the past, I forward you to it and to my opinion about it! For me, it was just a way for them to secure the transactions in game and to "counter" the over-inflation that happened in the game (I still have on my account yangs I farmed in 2008, imagine the amount of yangs that piled up with milions of players including bots and hardcore players in various servers during 13 years).
  12. #Moved and #IDon'tUnderstand.
  13. Yes exactly, I also managed to fix it long ago on my first server but I rewrote it two weeks ago and made sure to also fix Syncing between both characters and made the pushing occur when the player tries to run too far away, with a better chance to break the auto. I tried to mix the best of 2012 PvP and 2014 PvP. But it's not really a big deal once you start to find the functions that causes this bug. Thanks for sharing you saved a lot of time to most people!
  14. It's machine related, we both tried and it happened but we both have a theme for Windows and it MIGHT be related to that. It might be related to other things though, reverting back to the old theme didn't change much. It definitely needs to be examined further, I tested it on DDMT2 and it happened to me as well, so it's most likely machine related.
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