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  1. Hi, Check your syserr, some effect file is missing
  2. Starting today, the ban on this kind of topic will be thrown like:
  3. Exactly, that's why I said "2014+" because nova added some bugfixes and a "ratio system" which is interesting but not effective because of the way the game update things. You're completley right
  4. You can already run the server on Windows though
  5. You did a great job and a great service to the community. That's a big thank you!
  6. I said everything in the main post and in the comments, I will try to straighten that out for everyone: I have everything from the latest gf client. Skill_table and msa files included. About your question it must be 750 serverside or something like that. Just read what my code do, if you can shoot it from anywhere, you probably have skill files prior to the patch 17.5. In that case, this "fix" is useless for you as you have, I quote: My fix is for people having the latest client and the latest skill_table. I should have mentioned it but as I already sent a gif and a description of the bug, it's up to everyone to decide whether they need the fix or not. At last but not least, I've never encountered any of the bugs aforementioned, however, I can't try right now. I will try as soon as possible to reproduce the "double triggering" bug. If it happens, I will fix and share it with everyone there. However, our friend OtherChoice already gave us a fix as well as a wonderful explaination. To answer him, the "worked-around" files are probably client skill data files prior to 17.5, which I simply didn't know as I had no way to test. In the meantine, a little NB was added in the main topic. Regards,
  7. I wanted to join the course but he scammed me and took my serverfiles to put systems on WoM² is it a masterclass??? help me pls @ASIKOO @PACI
  8. No you can't, you will walk onto the target and launch the skill. About the double triggering, it has already been stated. It is related to the file "yongpa(_2,_3,_4).msa". if you launch the skill from afar, it's related to this file as well. I stated that this has been tested with the latest official files.
  9. Hey, You better remove these tags really quick, thank you
  10. Really good point here. Even if I like the race. It's true that everytime they add a new race in a modern (or even in a older) MMORPG, it comes with a lore, things to do, a new continent, quests, systems, abilities. The only thing that we had was poison 2.0 and a flying pooch with the ability to buff all of his allies at once. Not even talking about the little bits of lore we have or the map. Even the original lore in Metin2 is not so developped. I completely get your point
  11. Technically, yes, but it's not a porting, good point though. If you want a real porting, you first need to compile all the libraries under linux, then to compile the game and db themselves on Linux. You don't have a lot to change on the architecture itself, but be ready to potentially mess with FDWatch. About the client, you can't. You probably can run it with Wine though. If you want to natively use it on Linux, consider changing DX8 to something like OpenGL (which would, if done correctly, make the game better looking as well).
  12. Can you please give me the answer so that you won't get a warning?
  13. If you speak about an item, just type /i "Name of the item" and it will give it to you! Same goes for mob. Don't forget the ". Also, shortcuts like /m "Orc Ch work as well.
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