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  1. This topic has already been treated in the past, I forward you to it and to my opinion about it! For me, it was just a way for them to secure the transactions in game and to "counter" the over-inflation that happened in the game (I still have on my account yangs I farmed in 2008, imagine the amount of yangs that piled up with milions of players including bots and hardcore players in various servers during 13 years).
  2. #Moved and #IDon'tUnderstand.
  3. Yes exactly, I also managed to fix it long ago on my first server but I rewrote it two weeks ago and made sure to also fix Syncing between both characters and made the pushing occur when the player tries to run too far away, with a better chance to break the auto. I tried to mix the best of 2012 PvP and 2014 PvP. But it's not really a big deal once you start to find the functions that causes this bug. Thanks for sharing you saved a lot of time to most people!
  4. It's machine related, we both tried and it happened but we both have a theme for Windows and it MIGHT be related to that. It might be related to other things though, reverting back to the old theme didn't change much. It definitely needs to be examined further, I tested it on DDMT2 and it happened to me as well, so it's most likely machine related.
  5. Nope I had the good old DX8 and so did Asikoo, on DX9 it was kinda the same bug but the texture became "squarry". I think it's two face of the same piece. I think WOM2 is using DX9 (I am unsure) and it happens for them too. Note : It won't happen if it's a "small" UAC, it must be an UAC that actually hides your whole screen (you will only see the pop-up and they greyed out version of your desktop wallpaper) 7. Is added, I think someone provided a fix here but I am unsure, so I will add it anyway. Thanks! 6. Multiple fps drops on loading mounts, pets and players. @Speachless, thank's. It has been added, I wouldn't mind more details (hints or clue) however
  6. Hello, After some lurking and bugfixings in my own sources and some chit-chat with @ASIKOO , who is one my guinea pig for almost every bugs that I've encountered so far (I always double check so that it's not my fault), we decided that it might be good to create a thread about the "old metin2 bugs". Those bugs are (for the most part) unresolved in most servers, if not none. It might be anything from a poorly handled method to do something to a major bug, or simply anything that has bothered you when playing the game. Feel free to add bugs you know if you ever find them. But note that it must be a real bug affecting vanilla (kraizy) sources and not a bug that you've encountered on a specific server and nowhere else. I'll start with a few that I've noticed so far and that are confirmed. I will update this list if I find more of them or if some of you post them here. If anyone come up with a proper fix (some of them are easy to fix, some are more tricky and can be fixed in various ways) feel free to share it on the forum. 1. Textures blurring out when prompting any UAC check. 2. Any character being automatically attacked by another character is unable to move, to run away or to attack 3. Teleporting when mounting an entity will completely cancel its walking / running sound. 4. The game will try to load a .mss file for every .msa file. 5. The game will try to load indefinitely the motions of a non-existing file. 6. Multiple fps drops on loading mounts, pets and players. 7. Some mobs can run away on death instead of playing the death animation. That's for the most part of the bugs I currently remember, I will most likely update this list later based on what I remember or what's posted on this topic. Feel free to contribute! Regards, Gurgarath
  7. I think that's what you're looking for. https://en-wiki.metin2.gameforge.com/index.php/Soul_Event I don't know if it is released somewhere or anything, but the effect is in official client for sure.
  8. I actually think it's not, I am doing all the tests on a small VPS and I don't have this bug, I will do further investigations because it seems easy to reproduce but in fact I didn't manage to. However it's interesting me because it seems to be a common bug
  9. Post the "syserr" here but it's just a matter of a few files and shouldn't cause any problems. Maybe with atlasinfo but I don't think the map differs from the old one
  10. Here is the feature I missed, thanks
  11. I don't know if it's intentional or not but I think the slider behaves in a weird way (a bit like old config.exe sliders). Once you start to slide it with the mouse, it will always go from a number directly to another, and those are not "round" numbers as you could expect them to be. Which is kind of frustrating because you are (unless I missed a feature) forced to use the mouse wheel or the arrows to increase / decrease by 0.010 until you find the perfect height. For example with Height base : It will always follow this pattern 0.320, 0.950, 1.580, 2.210 and so on. I think it would be easier to advance the slider in increments of 0.500 and to be able to decrease / increase by 0.100 by using shift + left/right arrows. Keep up the good work!
  12. The system is good, it's useful to translate pieces of text and google translate has improved so it will at least make it understandable if the person can write correctly at first. That's really useful in my opinion. How does it react to hyperlink however? Keep up the good work!
  13. Hey! I completely forgot that Metin2.us has disabled all kind of lightning effect from this map! Thank you for remembering me, however, I don't know if it is near intentional or not, all effects are greyed out, hence the "bland" color of the watery cave. You should fine everything you need in this pack : https://mega.nz/file/xUd0kSDC#tEAinQDw2qMHPmfLAnzdlSRGzLVsIkwHMWu83EFEAvo Greetings
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