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  1. The game is simply enjoyable because it is plain a simple, the reward mechanics are good, the dungeons are getting better and better and there is this nostalgia effect. There isn't one simple thing, but the game is still good even though it lacks MAJOR updates that pushes it to the present.
  2. Exactly! I've also seen these files but I added them as "a seal of quality" because they were among all these "new" UI. Hence showing that these scrapped ui might actually have been in creation at some point! I didn't even bother to read the article at first. None of these ideas (or maybe not all of them, maybe 10% with changed mechanics) went into the final game. So it is maybe, once again, a scrapped dungeon idea. But the artwork is dope!
  3. This is a bit in the current topic, but I think I've found really early stages of what the UI could have been / early UI design from the game / patcher. It seems legit as the specular in the IG picture looks unfinished. It might also be unoficial however. One artwork / loading screen from (probably) the catacombs Metin1 Artwork with Metin2 background
  4. Hello guys, I am once again coming with a really little fix that is related to rare attribute (6/7 bonuses). This bug is extra rare because to trigger it you must have a way to add 6 and 7 bonuses to an item and you must have an incorrect field or an error in your item_attr_rare table. So this is most likely a code sanitization but it's always good to avoid such errors as I encountered people having this bug. When you add a rare bonus, the game will fill a vector with the bonuses from the table and randomly pick one in the vector. However, if you have an error in the table, this vector will be empty and the randomization will result in doing "number(0, -1)", which is obviously incorrect and your core will crash. For searching purposes (if someone in the future is looking for a fix), the error is this one : The fix is really simple, we must check if the vector is empty and then exit at this moment. In item_attribute.cpp, in the following function: bool CItem::AddRareAttribute() Under this block of code: for (int i = 0; i < MAX_APPLY_NUM; ++i) { const TItemAttrTable& r = g_map_itemRare[i]; if (r.dwApplyIndex != 0 && r.bMaxLevelBySet[nAttrSet] > 0 && HasRareAttr(i) != true) { avail.push_back(i); } } Add the following check: if (avail.empty()) { sys_err("Couldn't add a rare bonus - item_attr_rare has incorrect values!"); return false; } And that's pretty much it, pretty straightforward, but instead of crashing, you will have a syserr and you will know what to check next!
  5. Then I did a mistake and was thinking about "RESURRECT" flag, look into your proto for mobs with "REVIVE" flag, it's usually bosses (included Demon Tower bosses) and a few Setaous, try to see in game
  6. It's logically better not to put a 0. However, the first line is only about monster that can resurrect, like in Demon Tower, they are disappearing quicker.
  7. Look for guides here, there are a lot regarding how to compile client / sources !
  8. Hello, those are client source files, you won't find them in WinSCP
  9. Excellent guide, this problem is always tricky as it can come from many things (even the most mundane). I often follow the same pattern when it comes to fixing packets however. There is no magical guide for it and I think the structure itself of the packet system is what can cause us to have this issue when we do not really pay attention. It also can happen when you send, let's say, a DWORD from the server and forgot to tell the client to catch it or vice-versa (tell the client to expect a DWORD and send nothing from the server). Concerning the structure, it can be a little bit discombobulating to have a different packet naming between client / server, unused packet structs and packet related informations in GameType and Packet.h as well as in Common files and packet.h. Thank you for this guide! Definitely useful!
  10. Just wait for the cache to propagate (max 7 minutes). If you want to be extra sure, just shutdown the server (you can kill the auth process), wait 7 minutes, then kill the proccesses and restart it.
  11. I can't see no difference.
  12. Hi, Make sure to remove PyRun_SimpleFile and PyRun_SimpleString.
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