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  1. Hi, Make sure to remove PyRun_SimpleFile and PyRun_SimpleString.
  2. I've been using it for quite a bit of time, the only "problem" (which is not one) is when I connect right after starting the server.
  3. Usually it can happen when you are on a mount that goes too fast (Manni / White Lion). Or when you miss the adequate motlist and serverside animation-related stuff (accumulation).
  4. Great update as always! By the way, a small suggestion could be to port the strings to another file to make the translation of the software easier. I often translate the tools using ResHack or whatever, but having the strings in a specific language file could make it easier for multiple translation. Even if it is just visual.
  5. Maybe a config option for this messagebox could be interesting. Other than that, a small message can be displayed right next to "Idle" on the bottom left of your screenshot.
  6. Hi, In pack : icon, effet and etc/interface. Don't forget to change the path where it's hardcoded (server sources / root)
  7. For this you need to download the sources and to compile a new executable using client sources
  8. It already exists in the default sources, check questlua_party.cpp if I remember well. Some prototype or leftover of it is still present but I haven't tried anything yet.
  9. Well, both of you are correct. It depends on multiple factors, how much do you access the logs, for how long do you keep them, how big is your table, how big is your storage, how often you clean it, all that stuff and even more, it's just a part of the factors that are in action. Adding indexes won't do much if you don't do the querying right, if you don't access the logs or don't clean them often, because having an index on a big table can increase the time it takes to do an "UPDATE / INSERT" query but in response you can have a better time accessing it ("SELECT"), also, caching t
  10. This tutorial is one of a serie of tutorial that has the goal to help newcomers. Those are fairly old but still up to date. Shop ex was not a thing in 2012 and a tutorial with ShopEX will be released anyway.
  11. Great topic! I think you should still leave a C++14 version for people doing the (normal?) job of upgrading their sources. Excellent job as usual, it's a nice version of this system, probably the best so far. Congratulations!
  12. Just edit the Alpha Layer of the .dds file (the texture) in Photoshop, the whiter it is, the brighter it will be in game.
  13. Good job for this release. It's highly needed for everyone who wants to take the advantage of whatever is in their source without having to open the module and check how it works and if it's there. It just makes it simpler for everyone who wants to start coding something without knowing exactly the usage or just for people who wants to gain time.
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