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  1. Replace the map with another one from another client. I had this issue too, by doing so I solved it.
  2. Hello, I have a problem with the last hit. Sometimes when I hit somebody with the last hit of the normal combo, they won't get knocked down. Sometimes, they don't even get damage. SYSERR from client: 1217 23:16:51144 :: CActorInstance::__RunNextCombo(wComboType=0, wComboIndex=6) - (dwComboArrayIndex=5) >= (pComboData->ComboIndexVector.size()=4) 1217 23:16:51144 :: CActorInstance::__RunNextCombo(wComboType=0, wComboIndex=7) - (dwComboArrayIndex=6) >= (pComboData->ComboIndexVector.size()=4) 1217 23:16:51159 :: CActorInstance::__RunNextCombo(wComboTy
  3. If they patch just change name from Process Hacker to Cheat Engine and it'll close their patcher again. xD
  4. Thanks a lot! Both of you, but I choose the "LordZiege'' 's solution.
  5. Hello metin2dev. I have a problem, per 10% mobs bonus on item, you get like 300 damage in +. How can I change that damage per % added? I searched the entire forum for this and I couldn't find it. Could never be more happier if anybody could guide me into what I need to do. I searched the game src, db src, the db itself but with no success, I didn't find any bonuses related to the damage it gives per %. Example > 10% mobs on costume gives 300 damage + I want 10% mobs on costume to give 800 damage+ Thanks a lot for reading. Hope you can help me!
  6. Would you please tell me from where I can do that? I thought this was a issue.
  7. I do have a server with SSD, 4gb ram. Players are in number of 20/30ish. I do not have errors about data or monsters. I thought I could increase this view range from some file/source
  8. I changed the number with either 1800 or 100, still the same. NPC's, players are being rendered in a short range, If I go for example in map1 blue to general store, I can't see the Guardian anymore. There's no problem there. Everything is fine
  9. Hi! In my server, the mobs are being rendered in a very small range, and it's causing npc to be loaded slow, and sometimes when you attract mobs to yourself using the mobber item, you will take damage without seeing them. Does anybody know from where you can edit the "Rendering mob range"?
  10. Actuallly managed to do it by myself by adding SendDropPacket(1). The intentions were simple: fixing my core crashing because a guy used this "script" on my server with yang and arrows so I changed the time for items to dissapear and changed the bool from char_item.cpp at yang with return false, so he can't drop yang no more. Thanks for help anyway.
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