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  1. Project -> C++ -> Precompiled Headers -> add to defines _SILENCE_ALL_CXX17_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS
  2. Items disappear whatever you do. I have tried setting the default values for sockets and everything inside item table, however it didn't fix anything. Any tips?
  3. He can't do it because he has another systems which he also uses besides the vanilla usage of it. For example he has + x number status points adder besides the normal 1 point adder. The problem lays inside the uicharacter.py file, he needs to go into his backup and re-do everything manually
  4. You had a duplicate in your file for the Level self.GetChild. Try this: https://pastebin.com/6dua4PMR
  5. The problem could be from root/uicharacter.py. Compare your file with the one you had before installing those systems. From what I see you also have a NumberToString function to put a point after 3 decimals, so don't forget about that too when comparing those files. If you can't solve it, drop the uicharacter.py here
  6. I have tried like this but it isn't compiling because of some external issues, I tried adapting @VegaS™ 's code for disabling auto attack in duel into disabling collision everywhere besides duel but I failed. BOOL CInstanceBase::CheckAdvancing() { DWORD dwVID; CInstanceBase* NEW_GetMainActorPtr(); static auto& rkChrMgr2 = CPythonCharacterManager::Instance(); const auto& pkInstMain = NEW_GetMainActorPtr(); const auto& pkInstVictim = rkChrMgr2.GetInstancePtr(dwVID); if (pkInstMain && pkInstVictim) { if (CInstanceBase::__FindPVPKey(pkInstMain->GetVirtualID(), pkInstVictim->GetVirtualID())) { return TRUE; } else { return FALSE; } } #ifdef __MOVIE_MODE__ if (IsMovieMode()) return FALSE; #endif if (!__IsMainInstance() && !IsAttacking()) { if (IsPC() && IsWalking()) { CPythonCharacterManager& rkChrMgr=CPythonCharacterManager::Instance(); for(CPythonCharacterManager::CharacterIterator i = rkChrMgr.CharacterInstanceBegin(); i!=rkChrMgr.CharacterInstanceEnd();++i) { CInstanceBase* pkInstEach=*i; if (pkInstEach==this) continue; if (!pkInstEach->IsDoor()) continue; if (m_GraphicThingInstance.TestActorCollision(pkInstEach->GetGraphicThingInstanceRef())) { BlockMovement(); return true; } } } return FALSE; } if (m_GraphicThingInstance.CanSkipCollision()) { return FALSE; } BOOL bUsingSkill = m_GraphicThingInstance.IsUsingSkill(); m_dwAdvActorVID = 0; UINT uCollisionCount=0; CPythonCharacterManager& rkChrMgr=CPythonCharacterManager::Instance(); for(CPythonCharacterManager::CharacterIterator i = rkChrMgr.CharacterInstanceBegin(); i!=rkChrMgr.CharacterInstanceEnd();++i) { CInstanceBase* pkInstEach=*i; if (pkInstEach==this) continue; CActorInstance& rkActorSelf=m_GraphicThingInstance; CActorInstance& rkActorEach=pkInstEach->GetGraphicThingInstanceRef(); //NOTE : SkilÀ» ¾²´õ¶óµµ Door Type°ú´Â Collisionüũ ÇÑ´Ù. if( bUsingSkill && !rkActorEach.IsDoor() ) continue; // ¾ÕÀ¸·Î ÀüÁøÇÒ¼ö Àִ°¡? if (rkActorSelf.TestActorCollision(rkActorEach)) { uCollisionCount++; if (uCollisionCount==2) { rkActorSelf.BlockMovement(); return TRUE; } rkActorSelf.AdjustDynamicCollisionMovement(&rkActorEach); if (rkActorSelf.TestActorCollision(rkActorEach)) { rkActorSelf.BlockMovement(); return TRUE; } else { NEW_MoveToDestPixelPositionDirection(NEW_GetDstPixelPositionRef()); } } } // ¸Ê¼Ó¼º üũ CPythonBackground& rkBG=CPythonBackground::Instance(); const D3DXVECTOR3 & rv3Position = m_GraphicThingInstance.GetPosition(); const D3DXVECTOR3 & rv3MoveDirection = m_GraphicThingInstance.GetMovementVectorRef(); // NOTE : ¸¸¾à À̵¿ °Å¸®°¡ Å©´Ù¸é ÂÉ°³¼­ ±¸°£ º°·Î ¼Ó¼ºÀ» üũÇØ º»´Ù // ÇöÀç ¼³Á¤ÇØ ³õÀº 10.0f´Â ÀÓÀÇÀÇ °Å¸® - [levites] int iStep = int(D3DXVec3Length(&rv3MoveDirection) / 10.0f); D3DXVECTOR3 v3CheckStep = rv3MoveDirection / float(iStep); D3DXVECTOR3 v3CheckPosition = rv3Position; for (int j = 0; j < iStep; ++j) { v3CheckPosition += v3CheckStep; // Check if (rkBG.isAttrOn(v3CheckPosition.x, -v3CheckPosition.y, CTerrainImpl::ATTRIBUTE_BLOCK)) { BlockMovement(); //return TRUE; } } // Check D3DXVECTOR3 v3NextPosition = rv3Position + rv3MoveDirection; if (rkBG.isAttrOn(v3NextPosition.x, -v3NextPosition.y, CTerrainImpl::ATTRIBUTE_BLOCK)) { BlockMovement(); return TRUE; } return FALSE; }
  7. Hi! How can I disable collision everywhere with players but enable it while in a duel? I have tried it myself in TestCollision but I can only disable the collision, while in duel I don't know how to enable it only while you are in duel.
  8. He means scaling all windows/buttons/slots. If you tried playing metin2 with bigger resolutions, you will see that every HUD item remains the same position, it doesn't scale bigger with the resolution so for somebody playing with 4K for example the HUD will be very small and hard to see.
  9. Hello, How could I increase the range of attack for the hits? (by hits I mean the combo_1, combo_2, combo_3, basic attacks)
  10. Replace the map with another one from another client. I had this issue too, by doing so I solved it.
  11. Hello, I have a problem with the last hit. Sometimes when I hit somebody with the last hit of the normal combo, they won't get knocked down. Sometimes, they don't even get damage. SYSERR from client: 1217 23:16:51144 :: CActorInstance::__RunNextCombo(wComboType=0, wComboIndex=6) - (dwComboArrayIndex=5) >= (pComboData->ComboIndexVector.size()=4) 1217 23:16:51144 :: CActorInstance::__RunNextCombo(wComboType=0, wComboIndex=7) - (dwComboArrayIndex=6) >= (pComboData->ComboIndexVector.size()=4) 1217 23:16:51159 :: CActorInstance::__RunNextCombo(wComboType=0, wComboIndex=8) - (dwComboArrayIndex=7) >= (pComboData->ComboIndexVector.size()=4) Here's a GIF with it happening: https://gyazo.com/9f4f24097d72e7fad8a69a70361997d9 P.S: It is not normal, I've played multiple servers, you should fall there. It happens too often. I think the errors are from that, also I happen to recieve sometimes this error too: CInstanceBase::PushTCPState You can't send move packets to yourself!
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