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  1. Hi. Currently I have a problem in my client, it closes unexpectedly and does not throw anything in the sysser (it is empty), however the errorlog.txt shows this: Time Stamp: 0x59dbdd0d - (null) Exception Type: 0xc0000005 eax: 0x00000000 ebx: 0x00d92d38 ecx: 0x0000007f edx: 0x01fff4e4 esi: 0x0025efa0 edi: 0x28f36dc0 ebp: 0x0075dd04 esp: 0x0075dce4 What could be the cause of unexpected closing on my client?
  2. It does not work, compiles well but setting the event flag does not do its job. Inside the game I assign my character: /e prest_2295 1 The 2295 is the ID of my character based on the database. #UP UP
  3. My problem is different, different unknown packets come out all the time that do not exist in my packet.h
  4. #UP. Payment 50eur to solve the error (PayPal)
  5. Thanks for your reply but it did not work. UP
  6. Hi. I'm trying to add a new effect to players via an eventflag, however I can not get it right. The function I currently have is: DWORD idplayer = GetPlayerID(); char sFlag[100]; snprintf(sFlag, sizeof(sFlag), "prest_%d", idplayer); else if (quest::CQuestManager::instance().GetEventFlag(sFlag) == 1) { m_afAffectFlag.Set(AFF_PREST_1); ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Test work"); } How can I make it work well?
  7. Hi. Currently on my server I have a serious problem, the client closes only and generates this sysser: 0929 01:59:04935 :: Unknown packet header: 225, last: 2 65 Sometimes another packet appears, it is not always the same How can I correct it ?, I am willing to pay by PayPal for the arrangement !. Excuse my English, I speak Spanish.
  8. Hi Mt2Dev I currently have a problem with my server, when entering or leaving a map or event, I lose the icons that I have placed in my bar of the taskbar, this does not generate any sysser or error, simply disappear and is uncomfortable. I would like to know if anyone knows the reason for this, I tried to search but I can not find the solution, thank you in advance for your answers. Sorry for my English, I used a translator.
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