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  1. You laugh at the Poles, and they make one of the most professional servers of this game. Are you saying you haven't tested this code? In my opinion, you don't test anything even the systems you sell.
  2. @Abel(Tiger) it seems to me that the problem lies in the "AttachSash" function
  3. Hi community metin2dev Someone can solve my problem with the sash problem? https://scr.hu/2VW0zv Thank You! ;/ @VegaS™
  4. Hello I have a problem with offline stores and the abolished Yang limit. I want to point out that not only I have this problem. Before adding FULL YANG, everything was okay. The problem is that the conditions for converting my yang in the inventory + the cost of the item do not work. The point is that I have the maximum amount of yang in the inventory and so I can put the item as much as possible. When I buy the item and give myself the command Yang again for full yang (max) The problem is that when they pick them up from the "Podarków Windows" they disappear. The S
  5. Hi users dev I have a problem with the effect that is applied after using an item, for example, a sash, a lollipop ring. The effect is activated once and not once. Visible in the picture. I'm using sourcebin "clean metin2dev" I will add that the problem only occurs when compiling on "distribute" on "debug, everything is fine. The second effect did not turn on Sometimes he turned on When compiling a source bin on "debug", the effect works all the time did anyone meet such a problem?
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