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  1. Hello guys! First of all, I really need your help. I'm trying to build a patcher, but according to the compiler, there are several issues... The only thing I want to be able to compile this patcher without errors. I'm beginner in C#, so I'd appreciate if you could help me... Thank u in advance! The patcher is here: https://mega.nz/#!ajgCRILa!pqkCg0DYlkDa8gMPot4K0_MqFJjlXKs6OSmMU8qWo60
  2. Hello Community! I’m making new animations and I ran into some issues. As you all know, if I make new animations then I have to set the Bip01’s pivot point to 0,0,0 (x,y,z). The effects (including the GM logo) are attached to Bip01 but it’s now on 0,0,0 coordinates so as the effects now, which causes this problem (effects come from the ground, the GM logo is not above the character but it’s inside the char). Can u suggest anything that could solve this problem? Thank u in advance!
  3. Nope. But I solved the problem. Maybe I reached the maximum number limit of NPCs or I don't know. I replaced with the 9003 id and everyting is OK.
  4. Hello Community! Yesterday, I tried to put 2 NPCs to my client. One of them is successfully, but the other one... When I type to command in game then it doesn't say any error. The only thing, which is the problem, that the NPC doesn't appear. I checked the route in MSM, the texture routes in the modell and also the animations (motlist too). Every single route is perfect. I just simply don't understand that how is it even possible? I attached the NPC files. Please help me out! :/ http://www.mediafire.com/file/qmjoh7otk2703ov/ymir_work.zip
  5. If I don't want to delete the NPC line, then isn't there any other way to solve it?
  6. https://data.hu/get/10757063/loginwindow.py https://data.hu/get/10757064/intrologin.py
  7. Hi! Today, I downloaded the following login interface: http://freakgamers.org/threads/release-metin2-epic-logininterface-with-code.2760/ Everything works, the only problem is, that it takes about 8 seconds until the screen turn on from black screen. I mean, if I start the client, until 8 seconds the screen is black and loading. Ist here any other way to fix this problem? It's not a huge problem, but it would be nice, if one of you could answer my question! Have a nice day and thank you in advance!
  8. Greetings, Community! I'm 100% sure, that there are people who want to test their knowledge but they did not have the chance yet to use it in real. Now, I am offering a chance to everyone, to test their knowledge. Within a project, I am looking for appropriate and enthusiastic people for some unfilled position (developer, modeling, quest writer, mapper)! Of course it is not for free. Until the server opens, I am asking your diligence, I mean, without paying, but after the server opens, I offer you certaion percent of the income money! Does not sounds so bad, does it? There would be some criteria and I am going to let you know the details. The server based on PVM/PVP. I am planning to do a server, which will have name in communities, which will have uniqueness. I have planty of unique plans about the server (for example: exterior objects, unique and changed maps/map1). The only thing which is in my way is the lack of the team. VPS and TS3 server is currently active, so the only thing that I am waiting for is YOU! I was planning to make a description about the certain unfilled positions, but I will not steal your time with this! If you are interested and want to know more details, send me an e-mail, which contains at least: introduction, references (if you have, but not disadvantage if you don't have, just be ideal for the position) and some other sentences. The subject must contain the position that you are applying for! E-mail address: szabiisubs@gmail.com BE AWARE, THAT IT IS A HUNGARIAN SERVER WITH A HUNGARIAN OWNER (but as you can see, communication won't be problem). THE LANGUAGE WILL BE ENGLISH TOO, THE GOAL IS TO MAKE AN INTERNATIONAL SERVER (for Hungary and other english-speaked countries)
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