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  1. Literally nothing because the hack is not updated anymore
  2. Just checked the executable manually and it's definitely infected. If it's really not you trying to fool us around, then I have the sad news for you: Your machine is probably part of a zombie network I would suggest to completely reinstall your OS and scan all your backups with some antivirus software, preferable more than one.
  3. Sure, it's pretty easy! Please click the image in my signature which takes you to the right tutorial!
  4. Using this little snippet you will suddenly become immune against m2bob. You don't need anything special, just copy this code anywhere and start it as a thread (code included). Pretty interesting that you don't need any ExitProcess or similar Step 1: Copy this code to UserMain.cpp DWORD WINAPI FunWithBob(LPVOID) { MSG msg; HWND window = CreateWindowExA(0, "#32769", "Client protected by Process Hacker from m2dev", WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, 0, 0, 42, 42, nullptr, nullptr, GetModuleHandle(0), nullptr); if (window) { // Hide is the default, but let's just m
  5. Haha, thanks for this topic, didn't laugh so much for quite long Finally, someone who knows something about RE * The moment when you're re-thinking your life, why the fuck am I trying to develop self-healing & advanced anticheat-system with advanced syscall emulation & others *
  6. To fix back_inserter error, try to: #include <iterator> For the others I can't say anything, as at the moment I haven't got source at me.
  7. I can't really understand What is "power to reboot"? Could you tell it a bit longer and easier to understand? What is the exact problem? Can you give us screenshot? If I'm understanding right your client ONLY WORKS ON XP. Right? Or it works everywhere, but NOT XP? Which Visual Studio are you using to compile your source?
  8. Not that easy to die! Todays SSDs can even handle ONE PETABYTE (1024 Terbyte!) Data traffic, which is not too small And even if the SSD would die, the server owner had to replace it, not the user
  9. (Just a side note: both nullptr and auto is a C++11 feature ) C++14 mostly IMPROVED the capability of auto. I mean, from now you can use auto as the return value of a function (only if it's obvious). Even there were some improvements with auto & lambda function connection, so now it's easier to use. And not to mention a quite interesting thing: [[deprecated]]. Have a look at it It's quite nice when it comes to a bigger project management, not only a small home-made Another awesome feature of C++14 is that now you can initialize an int (or anything else) in binary format! Just like
  10. Lol, *Facepalm* By the way, I would choose HDD. Why? Because you are safe on storage and metin2 is written to be able to operate even on normal HDD too. SSD would only boost your SQL processing power, which would give you some advantage if you want to both run the server and make manual queries to the log - which is... Not that often used What you most need for a server is CPU power & RAM. And of course sometimes space for backups or logs.
  11. What are your intentions? Usually 16Gb is too small for a windows installation, so I would chose none 64Gb HDD isn't too much, but at least you can put things on it Actually you can either buy an USB3 pendrive, which has the same capacity for less price. Are you sure that they are 16 and 64? Not 160 & 640?
  12. Hi devs! With my friend: @masodikbela we started the releasing & developing of a final & stable all-round anticheat. Yes, it's based on an old project which I started alone, but this time we're writing a much better organized, cleaner and better tested code. It's still in development and I won't release any pre-version as I don't want to release anything unstable. But meanwhile it's under development I'm going to release a series of videos about it's features. Part 1 is done, it's about an interesting new feature: Heartbeats. Click here for the video, or watch it below [1080
  13. With this code you can LIST ALL THE DLLs loaded by the game. (Except some advanced case) https://translate.google.com/
  14. Hi With this, you are going to be able to go trough the loaded DLL list of your process easily without using APIs like EnumProcessModules, or any similar So, first you will need these stuffs, just paste it: #include <Windows.h> #include <iostream> // Optional for printing typedef struct _UNICODE_STRING { USHORT Length; USHORT MaximumLength; PWSTR Buffer; } UNICODE_STRING, *PUNICODE_STRING; typedef struct LDR_DATA_ENTRY { LIST_ENTRY InMemoryOrderModuleList; PVOID BaseAddress; PVOID Ent
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