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  1. So no one can help me?
  2. With this quest I want to start drop from stones and boss,also can say me please where is missing this ends please? I can't observe where I must insert it,I'm begginer.
  3. quest item_drop begin state start begin function GetMapIndex() local maps = { 1, 3, 5, 21, 23, 25, 41. } for m in maps do if pc.get_map_index() == maps[m] then return true end end return maps end when 9006.click with pc.is_gm() begin local options = ("Metin drop", "Anuleaza") if options == 1 then if item_drop.GetMapIndex() == true then if game.get_event_flag("item_open") == 0 then say("Hello "..pc.get_name().." ") say("Aici pui codul itm-ului si acesta va pica din pietrele metin si boss") say("!REGULA!NU ABUZA DE ACEASTA FUNCTIE!") say("Vrei sa faci un event de genu asta?") if select("da","nu") == 2 then return end say("Introdu codul itemului care doresti sa fie dropat la metine si boss!") kill_item = tonumber(input()) or 0 if kill_item == 0 then say("Datele au fost introduse gresit. Incercati din nou!") return end say("Sansa de drop trebuie sa fie 1,2,3 sau maxim 4,care vrei sa fie sansa dropului?") kill_prozent = tonumber(input()) or 0 if kill_prozent == 0 then say("Datele au fost introduse gresit. Incercati din nou!") return end say("Acest event trebuie sa tina cel mult 2 ore,adica 120 minute,cat timp vrei sa se dropeze? Minute!") zeit = tonumber(input()) or 0 if zeit == 0 then say("Datele au fost introduse gresit. Incercati din nou!") return end game.set_event_flag("item_time", get_time()+zeit*60) game.set_event_flag("item_open", 1) notice_all("Item drop activat") notice_all("Itemul "..item_name(kill_item).." este dropabil la pietre metin si boss!.") notice_all("Pentru "..zeit.." Minute") else say("Eventul metin drop este deja activ") say("Opriti eventul?") if select("Da", "NU")==2 then return end game.set_event_flag("item_open", 0) kill_prozent, kill_item = nil, nil end when 8001.kill or 8002.kill or 8003.kill or 8004.kill or 8005.kill or 8005.kill or 8006.kill or 8007.kill or 8008.kill or 8009.kill or 8010.kill or 8011.kill or 8012.kill or 8013.kill or 8014.kill or 8024.kill or 8025.kill or 8026.kill or 8027.kill or 591.kill or 691.kill or 791.kill or 1093.kill or 1095.kill or 1901.kill or 1304.kill or 2091.kill or 2191.kill with game.get_event_flag("item_open") == 1 and not npc.is_pc()begin if kill_prozent == nil then game.set_event_flag("item_open", 0) return end if game.get_event_flag("item_time") < get_time() then notice_all("Eventul metin drop a luat sfarsit!") notice_all("Multumim tuturor ce sunt alatori de noi la evenimente!") game.set_event_flag("item_open", 0) kill_prozent, kill_item = nil, nil return end local s=number(1, 101-kill_prozent) if s==1 then game.drop_item_with_ownership(kill_item, 1) end end when login with game.get_event_flag("item_open") == 1 begin notice("Event item drop este activat") notice("Itemul "..item_name(kill_item).." este dropabil la metine si boss.") end end Hy! I have this quest and I tryed 4 days to fix it,can someone help me please.When I compile appear killed message in putty and I don't know how to fix it. Thank for you support!
  4. I have same problem,how you fixed this problem?
  5. Now I have this error in sysser 0719 16:14:01587 :: introLogin.py(line:519) __LoadScript ui.py(line:3070) GetChild LoginWindow.__LoadScript.BindObject - <type 'exceptions.KeyError'>:'ChannelList' 0719 16:14:01587 :: ============================================================================================================ 0719 16:14:01587 :: Abort!!!!
  6. Hy! I have same situation,can you say me when to find and what to change?
  7. can someone help me please? Or to give me one tutorial about how to install one similar system in client please?
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