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  1. Does someone know how to add to the Minimap Window also?
  2. How to reach Conqueror? I'm level 120 and I don't get any exp anymore. How can I switch now to Conqueror?
  3. Put in the beginning of uiCommon.py -> import chat
  4. @.ZeNu https://gyazo.com/99feca93eaa4f4b60c77536d248cdf29 I have this problem. Some mounts are working, but some other mounts are diretly disapearing when I summon them.
  5. Hello, you are a Metin2 Streamer or Youtuber? We are currently searching promoter for our server. Please contact me via discord: RealBlade#7605
  6. I have a problem with this system. The refresh is not working. Could you help me with that? I would pay you. Discord: RealBlade#7605
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