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  1. Hi Metin2Dev I installed the render target system for armor, costume and hair, and I want to do it for weapons. Do you have any idea how can I do? Thank you in advance. [Hidden Content] Edit: Solved
  2. Hi, i implemented the companion system like official but when i get a egg in incubator and i make his name, i push ok but in chat i have this; [Pet-Incubator]Invio pacchetto schiudi pet this is the line with de cha type info: def RequestHatching(self):if self.petname.GetText() == "" or len(self.petname.GetText()) < 4:chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "[Pet-Incubator] Il nome del pet non e' valido.")returnif player.GetElk() < 100000:#chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "[Pet-Incubator]Devi possedere "+str(localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(100000)) +".")returnchat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "[Pet-Incubator]Invio pacchetto schiudi pet.")import chrchr.RequestPetName(self.petname.GetText())self.Close()
  3. hy, i need item_proto_list.py for the ox event manager by vegas. thk
  4. Hey, i know is off topic but =)) can you give me this taskbar with code? please?
  5. *Problemă: Skill Over PTipologie server: PvP*Resursă folosită: Skill Uber P (il aveam in cloud nu stiu de unde)*ServerFiles utilizat: GNS TWIX*Syserr: Sysser client golSysser ch1: Gol la felSysser db: Salut, dupa cum zice si titlul am o problema cu systemul acela care iti creste skill-urile dupa P. Am implementat systemul in sursa game/client si in puthon fara nici o problema. Am pus noul game in locul celui vechi, am pus permisiuni 0777 si am dat reboot. Pornesc serverul din putty fara probleme dar in client imi spune Eroare la conectare. Ca o adaugare, systemul are si functiile pentru skill-urie lykan-ului iar eu nu am lykan in sursa. Nu stiu daca aia poate ii problema pentru ca sursa s-a compilat fara probleme Aici aveti char_skill si char_skilltutorial adica cel dupa care m-am luat. Daca cineva poate sa il faca fara partea de lykan raman dator. Multumesc anticipat [Hidden Content]
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