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  1. Hi I'm having problems with the 7 & 8 SKILL with Illumina interface, I'll show you some screens. And I kindly ask you how to move them in the second pane of the illumina Interface. How can I move them to the second image, that is, the one relevant to the horse's abilities?
  2. Hello everyone I'm having trouble editing this taskbar key illuminates. If you see the pictures remains the classic one, how can you solve it? uitaskbar.py
  3. Hi, I have this selection (classic) + Lycan! Hope you can help me! https://i.imgur.com/Z8jDGHO.png
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem with selecting the characters. When I can not start selecting pg or choosing, I can only start by using the mouse buttons through the directional darts on the character selection screen and the send key! Does anyone know how to solve it?
  5. Yes, in fact for the time I did not put the solution!>.< But you have fortunately made the solution great! <3 I can only add another example to those who, like me, use the system to disable the shop image icon. In my case with the system I have reduced the view from 1,000 to 000! (as highlighted) Good luck to you!
  6. Hi everyone I'm trying to translate mob_proto + mob_names in Italian but when I compile the two files crasha clients! Does anyone know why?
  7. Different keys, you have to find the right ones!
  8. I have fixed it! Close Please
  9. @Endymion I used the visual mode in the game otherwise it was not possible to see the names of the negotiations ! I do not know, I can leave my id skype if you go to give me a hand I would be really happy Skype Ketamero
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