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  1. https://github.com/ZeNu-Elijah/Metin2/tree/master/Fog Fix - Gameforge 16.2
  2. Hey, In the next days I will post the news about Cube Renewal improvements and bugfixes. Yut Nori is not anymore for sale. About the things how will be in the future: - A new project, wich can be for every server. - A new strategy for sale.
  3. Elemental System (4 June 2020) Description: Everything what's need to know are explained in the video, step by step. Some words: - There is a new window for elements refine, looks like default one. - A very good way to save the datas for elements. (Degradation) - Elemental bonuses are included in the tutorial. Don't worry about that. To remeber: The code can be edited by the server and his content. (Offline Shop, Sash and others. There can be extra cost, depends.) Price: 200€
  4. Hey, some improvements for Cube Renewal and Dungeon Info. Changes can be requested in private by a message!
  5. Added a feature for Dungeon Information (request from one of my customers) wich you can set dungeons list and infomations board. Right or left.
  6. The topic is back, starting from today. What's on the way! Chest Drop Information: https://i.gyazo.com/f04e7b44d2aaf2b86a3e629114827a83.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/2ea43b08c40c2b14b7d9f3609aa79676.mp4 Information: - You can search for: objects, experience, yang. - Auto pagination for displaying objects (Any kind) - Accessible to search any chest PRICE: 100€
  7. Hey, Because I have too many requests, the sales service will be suspended for an indefinited period.
  8. File: length.h You don't have in enum EWearPositions this: WEAR_COSTUME_MOUNT
  9. Hey, https://github.com/ZeNu-Elijah/Metin2/tree/master/Fog Fix - Gameforge 16.2
  10. Small improvements for Dungeon Info ( 28 March 2020 ) : ◉ Added a option with which you can reset the dungeons cooldown. (customer request) ◉ Added a option for custom sort all dungeons from list. About Fish there isn't so much until the end. Maybe in one week will be finished and I will post all informations about it. Refresh topic.
  11. 27 March 2020 - Dungeon Info: Details: ◉ All the data is cached so the usage in server is very small. ◉ Very easy to add a new dungeon. ◉ Easy to adapt the quest to register the data ( I adapt one for you as an example ) ◉ Every dungeon has 3 types of ranking: completed count, fastest time and biggest damage on final boss. Video: PRICE: 300€
  12. class ImageBox(Window): def __init__(self, layer = "UI"): Window.__init__(self, layer) self.eventDict={} self.eventFunc = { "MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP" : None, "MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_DOWN" : None, "MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON_UP" : None, "MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON_DOWN" : None, "MOUSE_OVER_IN" : None, "MOUSE_OVER_OUT" : None } self.eventArgs = { "MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP" : None, "MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_DOWN" : None, "MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON_UP" : None, "MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON_DOWN" : None, "MOUSE_OVER_IN" : None, "MOUSE_OVER_OUT" : None } def __del__(self): Window.__del__(self) self.eventFunc = None self.eventArgs = None def RegisterWindow(self, layer): self.hWnd = wndMgr.RegisterImageBox(self, layer) def LoadImage(self, imageName): self.name=imageName wndMgr.LoadImage(self.hWnd, imageName) def GetImageName(self): return self.name def SetAlpha(self, alpha): wndMgr.SetDiffuseColor(self.hWnd, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, alpha) def SetColor(self, r, g, b, a): wndMgr.SetDiffuseColor(self.hWnd, r, g, b, a) def GetWidth(self): return wndMgr.GetWidth(self.hWnd) def GetHeight(self): return wndMgr.GetHeight(self.hWnd) def SetEvent(self, func, *args) : result = self.eventFunc.has_key(args[0]) if result : self.eventFunc[args[0]] = func self.eventArgs[args[0]] = args else : print "[ERROR] ui.py SetEvent, Can`t Find has_key : %s" % args[0] def SAFE_SetEvent(self, func, *args): result = self.eventFunc.has_key(args[0]) if result : self.eventFunc[args[0]] = __mem_func__(func) self.eventArgs[args[0]] = args else : print "[ERROR] ui.py SAFE_SetEvent, Can`t Find has_key : %s" % args[0] def OnMouseLeftButtonUp(self): if self.eventFunc["MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP"] : apply(self.eventFunc["MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP"], self.eventArgs["MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_UP"]) def OnMouseLeftButtonDown(self): if self.eventFunc["MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_DOWN"] : apply(self.eventFunc["MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_DOWN"], self.eventArgs["MOUSE_LEFT_BUTTON_DOWN"]) def OnMouseRightButtonUp(self): if self.eventFunc["MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON_UP"] : apply(self.eventFunc["MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON_UP"], self.eventArgs["MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON_UP"]) def OnMouseRightButtonDown(self): if self.eventFunc["MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON_DOWN"] : apply(self.eventFunc["MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON_DOWN"], self.eventArgs["MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON_DOWN"]) def OnMouseOverIn(self) : if self.eventFunc["MOUSE_OVER_IN"] : apply(self.eventFunc["MOUSE_OVER_IN"], self.eventArgs["MOUSE_OVER_IN"]) def OnMouseOverOut(self) : if self.eventFunc["MOUSE_OVER_OUT"] : apply(self.eventFunc["MOUSE_OVER_OUT"], self.eventArgs["MOUSE_OVER_OUT"]) def SAFE_SetStringEvent(self, event, func,isa=False): if not isa: self.eventDict[event]=__mem_func__(func) else: self.eventDict[event]=func def LeftRightReverse(self): wndMgr.LeftRightReverseImageBox(self.hWnd) def SetCoolTime(self, time): wndMgr.SetCoolTimeImageBox(self.hWnd, time) def SetStartCoolTime(self, time): wndMgr.SetStartCoolTimeImageBox(self.hWnd, time)
  13. Unfortunately, there was a delay. I was very bussy. During the evening today I will put the news that I mentioned above. Refresh Topic!
  14. Tomorrow the topic will be updated! ◉ A new project completed a day ago. ◉ News about fish.
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