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  1. if someone wants to expand upon this and wants to create a better hwid banning system, there is a bunch of useful info: https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/anti-cheat-bypass/333662-methods-retrieving-unique-identifiers-hwids-pc.html/
  2. i wanted to do some editing in Item_GetDamage function in battle.cpp, but I realized that the min/max damage values are always returned as if the item was +0: code: pkItem->GetOwner()->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "vnum %d min_att %d max_att %d", pkItem->GetVnum(), pkItem->GetValue(3), pkItem->GetValue(4)); any ideas? damage is calculated correctly when attacking monsters
  3. Hey, I was looking through my older external drive and found some Metin2 files that I worked on in the past and decided to fire them up. What I noticed that the commands don't work - being the noob that I'm I made a few text to spam when the CInputMain::Chat is executed, look at that: I'm supposed to see Test13 when it executes interpret_command, but it doesn't. This is how it looks when I use any commands: Sorry if that's some known problema but I couldn't find anything on it on the forum.
  4. Yup! It did work. Seems like item_ring reads bonuses from item_proto just like weapons, armors etc, or whatever. Thank you! It works flawlessly now.
  5. I'd love if you could reply on the right thread tho. As for the screenshot, rest of the values are either 0 or -1 for sockets. It applies the bonuses from special_item_group.txt when the type is for item_unique.
  6. Thanks for replying, just did the /state test. It's supposed to award +1k HP. Lower one is after putting it on but there's no change anyway. Craap.
  7. I don't think I do, gonna look into it. Yeah I did have this in place, thanks tho.
  8. I can pay ya some dollars in order to get this fixed asap I realize money has the power to convince
  9. 1. Description of the problem / Question : When an item with type 33 (ITEM_RING) is equipped, character doesn't receive any bonuses. It equips just fine and the item equip effect goes off, but there are no stats added. Also when I changed the ITEM_RING condition in char_item.cpp to just show me some kind of a message when I equip it, it worked, so it's probably a little too deeper for me. 2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server ) nussink 3. How to reproduce it ? So I've changed the magic lollipop type to 33 - this one xD and it doesn't give
  10. Homepage: https://meliyah.net/ Discord: https://discord.gg/DrxeJf
  11. Hello, I've got a problem with protos, will pay for help. Let me describe the problem. So. I have downloaded serverfiles with source and stuff, and they do work magnificent. I noticed that I can't unpack item_proto (Epack and every other program i've tried didn't suceed to do so) so I have compiled dump_proto from the pack with serverfiles and tried to change sql .txt to item_proto but I failed... The sysser is: 0504 09:25:06198 :: CPythonItem::LoadItemTable: invalid item_proto[locale/en/item_proto] STRIDE[156] != sizeof(SItemTable) I know many of you are re
  12. Oh, I was an idiot thinking you call the glass of insight using CONTROL and not ALT... It's all good now. Managed to trace the entire thing down. The color/text are available in UserInterface/PythonPlayerModule.cpp in playergetItemLink function!
  13. How do I change the glass of insight text? I want it to show (Item) instead of [Item] couldnt find many things in .py files.
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