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  1. Hello Friend's , I need help with that. I need when i change language , choose the correct translate.lua My translate i have in that directory /home/eterny2/main/srv1/share/locale/germany/country/ro ( for example this is ro ) The code is that : #ifdef ENABLE_TRANSLATE_LUA { char translateFileName[256]; snprintf(translateFileName, sizeof(translateFileName), "%s/translate.lua", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str()); int translateLoadingResult = lua_dofile(L, translateFileName); sys_log(0, "LoadTranslate(%s), re
  2. Somebody can help me with this error ? I dont understand where is the error .. but the problem is when i try to open the offline shop , or anothers shops for example Armor Shop ...the window dont show! 1207 15:25:25343 :: File "game.py", line 1012, in StartShop 1207 15:25:25343 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 725, in OpenShopDialog 1207 15:25:25343 :: File "uiShop.py", line 168, in Open 1207 15:25:25343 :: AttributeError 1207 15:25:25343 :: : 1207 15:25:25343 :: 'builtin_function_or_method' object has no attribute 'SelectInstance' 1207 15:25:253
  3. Good , thanx for share!
  4. Hello Metin2Dev , I need help becouse I don"t understand much ... I use Vegas Tittles System and I need to the premium tittles have more bonus for example : Now is how Vegas have his system.. but the question is how I can add more bonus? I search the function for the pTitleBonus_3 That is from Premium Title III And i do that I add : And after i add that : Dont give me errors , but in the game when I active the III premium title , only get me POINT_ATTBONUS_SHAMAN , the others nope , how i can solve that for works? I
  5. Hello Dev , i need your help , i need to block the RANK in the map , for example If i have 20.000 rank , in the map index 200 , dont go down and dont go up the rank. Dont lose rank and dont gain rank! I can pay for that , please if you can help me , or help me if i pay , contact me with pm , and write your skype , and i contact with you.
  6. Hello , guys who know this error ? and know how solve that Thank you very much 522 21:55:47272 :: CInstanceBase::AttachTextTail - VID [16804] ALREADY EXIST 0522 21:56:26672 :: CInstanceBase::AttachTe0522 21:56:03909 :: CPythonPlayer::S0522 21:56:59088 :: CInstanceBase::AttachTextTail - VID [16802] ALREADY EXIST 0522 21:57:17775 :: CInstanceBase::AttachTextTail - VID [16805] ALREADY EXIST 0522 21:58:56073 :: CInstanceBase::AttachTextTail - VID [16801] ALREADY EXIST EXIST 0522 21:58:10908 :: CInstanceBase::AttachTextTail - VID [16801] ALREADY EXIST
  7. http://prntscr.com/ai71nh Hi guys , i have this problem , today i put the mouse when the name for see the karma (rank) , for the pj , and dont apper the rank , i put the mouse in the name and dont show nothing , i see the un uicharacter.py the refresh.Alignment , i remplace with other and dont work , i see uitooltiip and dont work , i remplace this and dont work , i dont know why , someone know why this error , and how solve it ?
  8. Hello guys , i have this problem , i use uscript , root and locale for one client , when i use his serverfiles and mysql , the client work perfect , i dont have problems , but , when for example i change the mysql , and i put other mysql , the client crash and i dont know , only apper this in the syser of client ... 0302 21:27:05804 :: CEffectManager::RegisterEffect - LoadScript(d:/ymir work/effect/etc/buff/buff_item2.mse) Error 0302 21:27:05804 :: CInstanceBase::RegisterEffect(eEftType=270, c_szEftAttachBone=, c_szEftName=d:/ymir work/effect/etc/buff/buff_item2.mse, isCache=1) - Erro
  9. Hello everyone , i have this bug with wolfman , when i use this skill dont work i dont know why :s someone have idea ? and can help me ? or tell me when is the error , if the other opponent attack me , the skill yes provocte damage , but if the other opponent dont attack , dont provoct damage , i test to change the skill_proto , but dont work :s Thanks http://i.giphy.com/l4KhYBj4hhGOh8Rri.gif
  10. Hello Community i"am looking for a good Mapper !! Contact with me with skype daniel.mladin28 Maybe i can pay with models for maps , [buildings , objects] , plants etc..
  11. Hello guys i have this error when i try to combine two sash system , the absortion work perfect but combine dont work look , when i click in accept for combine the sash system , i can see in the chat this "Dragon the item in the window" Image : Someone have why ?
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