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  1. Servios Serverfiles + Client Hello, I recently had a problem with the guild logos. The Mark Server is running and also registered in the serverinfo.py (all correct IP + port) but the syserr says that even the MSS32.DLL was exchanged 100 times. And Sound Thanks, Sincerly,
  2. Hello, is there a way to fix the /ski 121 & /ski 131 commands?
  3. Hello, is there a function c++ or alternatives how to call a add_collect_point Can remove? affect.add_collect_point(POINT_MALL_EXPBONUS,10,10 ) --% EXP With affect_add_collect it is clear how it works affect.add_collect(apply.EXP_DOUBLE_BONUS,10,360) affect.remove_collect(apply.EXP_DOUBLE_BONUS,10,360) And no on add_collect there is no EXP +% only chance for EXP bonus!
  4. bad argument #2 to `format' (number expected, got no value)
  5. text = ""..pc.getf("auftrag","current_mission").."" = attempt to concatenate a nil value
  6. Haaaay Is it possible to get a Quest State through "pc.getqf" in a table? Unfortunately I can't get it and am desperate... with pc.getf it returns the correct value, but the game does not come up error "attempt to concatenate a nil value".
  7. I use an offline shop from Revoot/Great and the Auction House System from Ente. My Auction House gets all data from the offline shop table "player_shop_items". The items disappear from the database and appear in the inventory (that's good), but there is no refresh in the offline shop That means you can get the items twice (Auction House and Offline Shop)! Is there a possibility to refresh the Offline Shop or if a player approaches to get the data from the DB again?
  8. Ja das habe ich mir auch gedacht, aber was genau muss verändert werden?
  9. Hello, I'm not sure if you know the bug. Man spawns a Metin stone and has a team hit the Metin Stone. When your teammate is standing very close to the Metin Stone, the mobs lose focus and do not attack other players. Ie you can stay dead for 1-2 minutes and destroy the Metin in peace without the monsters attacking you. Can i fix this with C++? 20€ PayPal for this Fix Bug Video https://youtu.be/KrA9JTSa34E
  10. Hallo,ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ihr den Bug kennt.Man spawnt einen Metin Stein und lässt einen aus dem Team den Metin Stein schlagen.Wenn euer Teamkollege ganz nah neben den Metin Stein stirbt, verlieren die Mobs den Fokus und greifen andere Spieler nicht an.D.H man kann 1-2 min tot liegen bleiben und den Metin in Ruhe zerstören ohne das die Monster dich angreifen.
  11. Ich verteile Punkte allerdings wird es nicht Aktualisiert. https://gyazo.com/e895a7cf261debeb974e9c274e39135c Gibt es ein C++/Source/Python Fix ?
  12. Ich habe Waffen Kostüme eingefügt und es ist alles Okay, nun ist es so dass wenn ich auf mein Pferd sitze und mich Teleportiere es sofort stirbt. Hat einer ne Idee woran es liegen könnte?überprüfen der Großschreibung am Satzanfang.
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