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  1. change the 1 form 2 and delete the 2 ^^
  2. Yeah bro.,... and probe that ... and not work
  3. Hi guys im have one peoble... im add a new efect from my new seet weapons but this happens to me: CODE Instancebase.cpp case CItemData::ITEM_TYPE_WEAPON: __ClearWeaponRefineEffect(); //Agregas Nuevos Efectos if (pItem->GetSubType() == CItemData::WEAPON_SWORD) { DWORD vnum = pItem->GetIndex(); if (vnum == 60299) { __AttachEffect(EFFECT_REFINED + EFFECT_SWORD_REFINED_SPECIAL1); //effect 24 sword effect } } Instan
  4. https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/480-irregular-error-unknown-packet-header/
  5. Ty! you dont have the importer GR2¿ the rar incluyed only exporter.
  6. Hi guys! l've been looking for days the plugins GR2 imort/export from 3ds max 2012 Someone would pass me please? Regards!
  7. Hi all,I took a few days looking the plugins import/export for 3DMAX 2013 X64 managed to find the exporter , but Importer no. Does anyone would be so kind as to pass me the full plugin exporter+importer for 3dsmac 2013 x64? Regards
  8. Hi guys im have one error on 4 invetory If I can only use 1 none more.. 2º no 3º no 4º no function... I will file with all edited http://puu.sh/iIKao/82564945bf.rar Greetings and thanks all
  9. Hi community! here are my new Mob Regards DOWNLOA:MEGA
  10. The interface is work on SeMa.... OMG
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