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  1. Hello Metin2Dev. How are u? I'm fine. Well, today i have this error when i want to compile my db/src. So, I don't know more that i do :(. Sorry for my english. The error: linking ... .obj/ClientManager.o: In function `CClientManager::QUERY_SETUP(CPeer*, unsigned int, char const*)': /usr/src/src_1/Server/db/src/ClientManager.cpp:1322: undefined reference to `CClientManager::InsertLogonAccount(char const*, unsigned int, char const*)' .obj/ClientManager.o: In function `CClientManager::AnalyzeQueryResult(_SQLMsg*)': /usr/src/src_1/Server/db/src/ClientManager.cpp:3018: undefined r
  2. What do you mean with "clean"? 0 bugs or Rain? No new systemw
  3. Hello M2Dev, how are u? Well, i have a this error in my sysser client. I want to solve. GRANNY: Unable to find matching track_group for Model: "Acce_04_85_018" in Animation: "D:\zwork\박재관\3월21일이후의수정애니메이션\수라캐릭터수정\수라모션수정\선택\wait.max" Thanks, and pls help me!!
  4. Thanks! The problem was solved, now this is the new error xD. And, how has to descompile mob_proto and item_proto of my client 40k? I was used metin2dev archive, but not give to me the files. So, pls. Help me to this too.
  5. The file "makefile" or the folder when it is? I have the extern folder near to the surce server folder. I have the two folder in one folder. Edit: sorry my bad english, please
  6. Hello M2Dev, I have this problem... I can't compile the game source. My files are 40k, well. I have this file " stdint.h " in my folder "include". Thanks.
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