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  1. I did, I had a quest which gives bonuses when you login each day. Still gives bonuses.
  2. How to delete quest so that it doesn't show in game as well as the bonuses.
  3. I did read, you say that I cant get 2-3k people in this days .... which is total bullshit but whatever.
  4. I asked for 2-3k not 500, please read...
  5. Hi, I want to start my own private server and I like to know how many ram, cpu etc do I need to handle 2-3k people online. Thanks and where to buy the server u recommend guys?
  6. As in the title I want a basic server that I can start doing stuff from the start as well as compile to source easily. Thanks.
  7. Can I get some links to server files which don't have many bugs?
  8. What server files do I use? How to I configure the stuff like maps weapons etc. How do I make it run on a dedicated server. I'm new to this so I would appreciate some help, always dreamed to make my own server, got plenty of ideas
  9. I mean like everything to cater for like a lot of people, we are speculating for about 1,5-2,5k people
  10. Right, this might sound silly but I want to make a private dedicated server and I don't know how to make one, can someone guide me through on what to do or give me advice. I always wanted to make one. Thank you for helping in advance, really appreciate.
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