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  1. I have a problem with it, mooncave does not show, and the syserr also shows no problems Screenshot ح
  2. Though your tongue is a bit dirty but you're clever Thank you strongly, this was the solution <3
  3. Can you explain more to me?, if you can provide me with pictures to explain, I will be grateful to you.
  4. I apologize if the section is incorrect but I can not find the Questions and Answers section
  5. Hi, Dev Community I have a problem with armor and weapons It is that the luster especially the refinement does not appear at all, In the case of weapons and armor +0 or +9 They give the same shape and no luminescence effect Image for clarification Please help me Sorry for my bad english
  6. I want to help I'm still in trouble and I can not fix it
  7. Thank you I will try now but can I talk to you Skype to help me? I've got this what I'm doing now? For the conf.txt the BIND_IP Did not exist Right now?
  8. I can not understand... how I do it ? I start shell command in "start.sh" Sorry my English is bad
  9. Post Compile Source and Edit File config.cpp to replace 192.168 with 999.999 connection refused I need help Helppppppppppppppp
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