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  1. I missed that I actually do it but the same thing the fix its you need to delete all quest index in db but got new problem when i click in the mission there is no scroll open just the pic of it and the word what i put what the fix?
  2. Hello there I make that quest before time and I didnt test it but today i test it there is no problem with it but the problem in the game there is no misson in the game (I reload the game twice but :_( ) this is the quest (misson quest) I make it but in misson quest Im dont know alot of thing about it... so bad coding I know I search find some body put set_state ... this is the quest(part of it) the fix its you need to delete all quest index in db but got new problem when i click in the mission there is no scroll open just the pic of it
  3. hello there this problem git you cause you change that from xx.kill to kill.xxx(fix the problem when i look at it again no laugh) boss_kill2.lua:3:when doesn't have begin-end clause. (0.3911) this is the quest(part of the quest but that part give me the same error!!) quest eifjn begin state start begin when kill.3911 begin say(" finally ") pc.setqf("flower", 10) end end end close it #
  4. If i understand you there is 3 way if that equipped item if it item use (I think the type is 18 quest type - item) use cmd code in quest cmd(buff12) you need to add the effect before that search on google how to add effect metin2 python part the lua part is just code (cmd(xxx)) the xxx is the name of variable that actually call that effect if you need it just armor you can see video in you tube how add effect (binary) metin2 the second you can make event like die event(when die begin) and make it like (when equipped begin) third you can make it as time
  5. hello there I try to put the old char select I delete all thing that contain to the new char select (I make it step by step) in the file the game stop of crash but that what happend http://prntscr.com/g8emlg and this is the sys (I dont understand what it mean with this 'DecreaseSlotIndex' in official client there is no 'DecreaseSlotIndex' in cahr select or in the root) so pls the help I lost 4 days and did not succeed with me until now 0814 10:01:06496 :: CSoundManager::PlayMusic - Failed to load stream sound : BGM/login_window.mp3 0814 10:07:10892 :: T
  6. hello there Im search for this map ( I dont have it in my client) if any body have it pls upload it for me>:)
  7. hello there what is the missing here? Zonni tell him how to do the function but he sat there is some missing thing in .h file and in the final replay some one say some thing i do it but there is no result i get error from the source compile so what is the miss?
  8. so all this for the horse? but thx for all
  9. so this is what the function do and i think its another think for kill Im sure you are help full for me but i say teleport all player in core or in map i thing you misunderstand me but you also help me with the quest thank you
  10. like that allow you to make another thing to another people in game? like teleport? but not you the another player?
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