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  1. Hey i have this problem https://gyazo.com/59b2771dc76776bdde967ad6bd59cc29 syeserr db/channel/client is empty
  2. hey i have this error in syeserr i added permanent items like god dragon atack https://pastebin.com/umwEmq7f
  3. How can i compile cryptopp? And then you need to recmopile cryptopp with the newer gcc version too! It's located in the Extern/cryptopp-directory.
  4. when i complete dungeon nothing update.. my quest https://pastebin.com/a93KAd80
  5. how can i fix that? { "name" : "DungeonButtonBoard", "type" : "thinboard_circle", "x" : LEFTBOARD_X, "y" : LEFTBOARD_Y, "width" : LEFTBOARD_WIDTH, "height" : LEFTBOARD_HEIGHT, "children" : ( ## logininfo.py ), },
  6. Hello i have a problem with Dungeon Info System https://pastebin.com/2UPHyZq3 uiDungeonInfo.py uidungeoninfo.py(line:70) LoadDialog ui.py(line:2717) GetChild DungeonInfo.LoadDialog.GetChild - exceptions.KeyError:DungeonButtonBoard
  7. i do not know.. i'm a beginner python or binary?
  8. SYSERR: CRaceManager::GetRaceDataPointer: cannot load data by dwRaceIndex 11209
  9. 0307 14:01:05395 :: 'module' object has no attribute 'SetArmor' line renderTarget.SetArmor(self.RENDER_TARGET_INDEX, 11499) can you help with this..?
  10. now i have another problem.. CRaceManager::GetRaceDataPointer: cannot load data by dwRaceIndex 19 i can't view weapon and armors..
  11. 0306 22:55:07247 :: global name 'renderTarget' is not defined help..? i don't have renderTarget.py
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