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  1. hey i have problem with taskbar put an item on the taskbar then change character or left the game the item disappears from the taskbar when you re-enter the game I'll put 2 gifs to explain https://gyazo.com/577ca780ad0fcdfd2c887e4d0828f247 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- after leaving the game and back the game https://gyazo.com/35e9e50527ce03fd29a650f11f4be764 I really appreciate your help.
  2. UP same Problem... https://youtu.be/10Tdto55dxw
  3. UP same Problem... https://youtu.be/10Tdto55dxw
  4. Hello Devs I have a problem that I can't solve I would be very grateful if someone can help me I leave the syserr below https://pastebin.com/T3Ee7hMP
  5. Good afternoon, I have the following error https://pastebin.com/n09eEV4U Can anyone help me? uinewshop.py
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