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  1. I already searched and found nothing...
  2. Hello devs :D, I want the system that allows you to change the weather from day to night and add snow or remove it ... please help .. thanks
  3. Hi , How can I make the player hp show when I target him ? please help
  4. Hello, When I enter a map in game99 the Shout becomes different like you entered another channel .. and all my friends are offline and I can't talk to anyone who is in the village .. anyone knows how to solve this problem please? thank you
  5. Hello. You guys have any idea how to set any apply value to 0 when I enter a specific map? I want it as a quest please.. thanks
  6. What if I want to remove the letter from all party members that entered the map and finished the mission?
  7. How can I remove the quest from the players when he finishes the mission or when he does something?
  8. Hi. I want to make a timer for my dungeon when I chat the npc and start the mission the time start running and after every 15 mins it reminds me of time.. and when the time is over it sends all players to village ... I'm bad with .timer thing so can you guys help me with this please? Thank you
  9. Hi , I'm searching for the location for this .. I want to change it and center it ... It's a guild war
  10. Didn't work. The texture only works when I put the weapon file in disk D with the same path .. d:/ymir work/item/weapon/xxxxx.gr2
  11. Actually I tried everything in life and non of them work .. It's weird and I don't know why !
  12. Hi. Guys I need your help with this problem .. When I add a new weapon it works but all white with no texture but when I add the same file in file D it totally work fine ! can someone please help me with this the problem? a photo when I add the weapon files in item file : https://prnt.sc/o3kzxz a photo when I add the weapon files in file D : https://prnt.sc/o3l0ic https://prnt.sc/o3l1fj Please help guys
  13. Add me on discord it's better there .. Nawaf#2632
  14. Yes. I don't know what's the problem
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