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  1. Please don't take it negatively but if you don't have a time and resource to make a good presentation how can we belive that the service has been made better?.......
  2. Really a good presentation, i will definitly play on this.
  3. Martysama file is stable, clean but not got all the updated.
  4. Martysama is the way, the best stable file. And if you want something low cost with official systems contact me.
  5. Which multilanguage system you are using?
  6. I Wished you were a girl so i can tell you i love you, so now be happy of i love your work and tutorial.
  7. Use some clean serverfiles so you can learn how to manage it first.
  8. I really like it Good job maybe the background need to be more cool.
  9. Hi, I want to make a multilanguage client side, i had implemented multilanguage by TheWarez but i don't have locale. So can you help so i can confront and correctly make the client multilanguage?. I need only client Side
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