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  1. Please don't take it negatively but if you don't have a time and resource to make a good presentation how can we belive that the service has been made better?.......
  2. Really a good presentation, i will definitly play on this.
  3. Which multilanguage system you are using?
  4. I Wished you were a girl so i can tell you i love you, so now be happy of i love your work and tutorial.
  5. Use some clean serverfiles so you can learn how to manage it first.
  6. I really like it Good job maybe the background need to be more cool.
  7. Hi, I want to make a multilanguage client side, i had implemented multilanguage by TheWarez but i don't have locale. So can you help so i can confront and correctly make the client multilanguage?. I need only client Side
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