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  1. weapon set set_018_snake What you think? City one monster weapon set M1 City two monster weapon set M2 Weapon set Orc Weapon set set_000_wow Weapon set: set_000_wow_2 Weapon set: 334
  2. Hi all How will be in quest_function "function give_item_bonus(vnum)"?? give_item_bonus(vnum) give_item_bonus give.item_bonus give.item_bonus(vnum) ? Thx for any help!
  3. Search files "ydragon" on catalog zone will be gr2 models etc
  4. Hi all how add new own index?
  5. Hi all im have problem with hair on 2 recolor. Only reed 1source How make to work 2 source? Model "valentin_16/warrior_f_h.gr2" SourceSkin "valentin_16/hair_f_1.dds" TargetSkin "valentin_16/hair_f_1_4.dds" SourceSkin2 "valentin_16/hair_f_2.dds" this recolor im cant see TargetSkin2 "valentin_16/hair_f_2_4.dds" this recolor im cant see if (TextFileLoader.SetChildNode("hairdata")) { std::string strPathName; DWORD dwHairDataCount = 0;
  6. Hi im make new weapon for lican im beginer on this and have like that visual effect How make without this blue line ?
  7. @Paike im cant see new sash on id 86300 I
  8. Hi all how add sash for work on id 86200+ and more?
  9. Hi all im have small problem with armor... Im have different color on armor its my msm down, and all armor color is red what is wrong? Group ShapeData444 { ShapeIndex 43500 # toga / blue Model "toga/toga.gr2" SourceSkin "toga/toga_red.dds" TargetSkin "toga/toga_blue.dds" } Group ShapeData445 { ShapeIndex 43501 # toga / red Model "toga/toga.gr2" SourceSkin "toga/toga_red.dds" TargetSkin "toga/toga_red.dds" } Group ShapeData446 { ShapeIndex 43502 # toga / yellow Model "toga/toga.
  10. Hi all Im search a program to delete some object on Mesh List. Thx for Help
  11. You dont upload effect loop ;/
  12. MrKarpiuk


    Great works, professional services and more expect what you need
  13. MrKarpiuk


    Great works, professional services and more expect what you need
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