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  1. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello Community, today I want to share a old map with the size 6x6 from me which I made some years ago. Since I am not using it anymore, I thought some of you may have a use for it. The texture that were used are from the official "Capedragonhead" map. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In case you dont know how to "install" a map on your server, visit this topic: Click ------------------
  2. I will try, thank you. My hope was that there was an python function for this which I dont know yet. But I will try it over source. Kind regards.
  3. I guess you missunderstood. I dont want it to be behind the inventory but before, and that all the time. Kind regards.
  4. Allready tried it, but it did not work. Inventory Window is still the one showing on top. But thanks for you reply.
  5. Hello Community, I am currently working on my ingame gui interface and faced a small problem. As you can see on the picture: Click There is a Window behind the Inventory window. How can I decide which window should be "On Top"? #Edit I managed to put the new Window "On Top" after first login, but as soon as you move the Inventory, it is behind the inventory window again. Click I want it to stay above the inventory window all the time.
  6. Hello community, I got a problem with the Quests which are as followed: After showing a text via Quest, the text is getting stucked on the screen. Here is an example of what i mean: Both Client and Server syserr are showing no Errors, it would be great if somebody could tell me were this problem comes from.
  7. Hello Community, like you can see in the topic i got a problem with the Wolfman. Everything is working except that he sometimes is warped backwards. I allready have the pc3 folder in my data folder, and also fixed all other bugs like this. This Bug is the only one which is left, and i dont know how to fix it. GetMoveMotionSpeed: cannot find motion (name "PlayerName" race 8 mode 5) Its allways "mode 5" does somebody know how i can fix it? Thanks for reading.
  8. Hello community, i got a little bug/problem with the horses i placed inside the stall. They are movin like allways but they are also moving outside the stall. Does anyone know how i can restrict the movements of the horses, so they simple cant leave the stall? Thank you for reading.
  9. Hello Community, i like you can read in the topic, i am looking for a way to make the armor modells visable even if their vnums are over 200k~ The problem is that if i i use vnum over a spesific number, it would not load the modells anymore (Same for weapons). Do anyone know where it is defined in the source code and can tell me? So you dont missunderstand, that is what i mean: Vnum used from < 200000 or something like that: Vnum used > 200000 Thanks
  10. Yeah i modify my gamecore, maybe their was some mistake. I know that max is 40, i was just coping this part of code from a old quest for test´s. But thanks for your help
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