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  1. i didn't post stuff that other made lol i'm just searching for this system also stop being mean because this system as i learned its not from twix but its free and its from ken !
  2. i don't know bro i can't find it anywhere this offline shop system ! twix has it on his serverfiles but i don't want to mess up with this shit source ;p !
  3. I'm searching for this offline shop system does anyone has it or its somewhere released because i didn't find any thread at the moment ! thank you in advance for any help !
  4. Heyy i'm encountering that error does anyone knows how to fix this ? also if i put item in the offline shop and close it its not giving me the yang or the items back are just desipired ! when i try to open the gift its shuting down the server i don't know why !
  5. Hello guys sorry for bothering again but i'm searching for a friendly person who can help me out with 2 implemations that i need to do and they are easy also i did the implemations but they are some errors in game and i can't figure out where its the problem ! if someone would be free or have free time at least and can help me i will apprieciate it ! I can pay too but i think they are 2mins problems so we will see ! thank you for reading and thank you if you reply me back !
  6. Hey Does anyone knows why its doing this ? i spend 2 hours or more and its giving me this error until now ! https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Bank-System-With-Password this is the system i'm trying to implement !
  7. I have only PythonManagerBank.cpp and PythonManagerBank.h
  8. where i put this ??? I mean which line ?
  9. Hey today i encounter this error and i don't know why ;s can anyone check it and tell me what is wrong ? thank you very much for your time !
  10. I Can't Use fuctions of group does anyone knows how to fix this ?
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