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  1. Looks like a exploit like the one by Infinity back to the old days or a simple socket attack with Python, that is targeting some specific packets so they can shutdown your cores, there is nothing to worry about the Logs that you posted, but if you get massive packet attack in specific header like login they can easy shutdown your login for a while.
  2. Thanks for the release, but how do i change the speed from the Effects? (Armor +7 +8 +9 need to edit the mse?) and the Clouds Speed? About the Clouds i found it: From: m_fCloudPositionU += m_fCloudScrollSpeedU * 0.030f; m_fCloudPositionV += m_fCloudScrollSpeedV * 0.030f To: m_fCloudPositionU += m_fCloudScrollSpeedU * 0.007f; m_fCloudPositionV += m_fCloudScrollSpeedV * 0.007f;
  3. This system is made from Sanii and he sell it at his Services, you must ask him for help if you have bought the system otherwise nobody can help you here.
  4. I think you need to change the localhost to in the Configs and db/conf.txt I'm not sure if this can work but give it a try.
  5. Why are you looking for 2018 - 2019 item_names? Of course you can find them in previous updates that was been shared in unpacked official patches topic but, i'm wondering why you search for the specific year.
  6. You can use pc.get_wear(20) example for Costume Hair (20) is the equip cell for the specific item etc.
  7. You can use these quest functions (pc.get_weapon(), pc.get_armor()).
  8. I don't know why you have pythoncore in your list, but i think if you removed it from the project you can compile without problems. About the Warnings is not so important you can just disable them by using: #pragma warning(disable:x) // X = warning code. just add it in the StdAfx.h in (UserInterface) depends from where the Warning is come from.
  9. As you can see in your proto's you didn't add in the Value0 or Value1 the 0 with the mount vnum thats why is getting null (0) instead of the real mount vnum so you can summon it. (Depends what mount system you are using).
  10. Probably yes, you need to find the renamed chr, check with HxD for a similar name with chr or import x as chr and get the x.
  11. I think the whole thing is wrong, cause there is not check for Ninja's when they are using Bow / Arrow and increase the Distance between the targets that they can reach with Tab so there is just a "Default" distance.
  12. Take a devil.dll from another client and replace it with yours and check it again.
  13. Maybe post your uiInventory so we can take a look???
  14. Any other solution that can you read the colors instead of removing them from the string?
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