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  1. The face doesn't looks that belongs to a fat body, can you do the neck + cheeks bigger?
  2. You need to enable it in WorldEditor if i remember correctly (There is a also a fix somewhere in the forum about the Len's Flare).
  3. Put in def OnUpdate the SetPosition.
  4. if (iSlot >= 0 && iSlot <= INVENTORY_MAX_NUM && bCount >= 0 && bCount <= g_bItemCountLimit) { LPITEM item = ch->GetInventoryItem(iSlot); if (item) { BYTE bItemCount = item->GetCount(); TItemPos ItemCell; ItemCell.window_type = INVENTORY; ItemCell.cell = item->GetCell(); for (int i = 0; i < (bItemCount / bCount) - 1; ++i) { int iEmptySlot = ch->GetEmptyInventory(item->GetSize()); TItemPos DestItemCell; DestItemCell.window_type = INVENTORY; DestItemCell.cell = iEmptySlot; ch->MoveItem(ItemCell, DestItemCell, bCount); } } } With command that using args - (Item Slot & Split Count) I don't know why you copy the Item, but items that can be Split have no Sockets & Bonus random so the copy seems useless (Is just a move from the count of the item).
  5. Thanks again, I'm not paying anymore host 300€ with 64GB Ram, Now is enough to use even 4GB Ram without problems and still too much and only for 20€ per month, you have helped me a lot, send me your PayPal so i can donate some € for this amazing tutorial!
  6. Stop releasing the secrets for fixing memory leaks ffs.
  7. You can also put that code in the ::Render (InstanceBase.cpp) And make the main character to see the effect and for others to be hidden. (I know that is not the perfect way cause the ::Render running without stop but still a ok method to be use.) if (pkInstEach->IsAffect(AFFECT_EUNHYEONG) || pkInstEach->IsAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY)) { if (CPythonPlayer::Instance().IsMainCharacterIndex(pkInstEach->GetVirtualID())) continue; #ifdef ENABLE_CAN_SEE_HIDDEN_THING_FOR_GM if (__MainCanSeeHiddenThing()) break; #endif pkInstEach->m_GraphicThingInstance.HideAllAttachingEffect(); } else pkInstEach->m_GraphicThingInstance.ShowAllAttachingEffect(); If you have a option that Hide Effects you must put a check in the else so you can check if is enable or not before continue to ShowAllAttachingEffect again.
  8. The PutItemCache found a 0x0 (null) so make a check: ::PutItemCache Find: c = GetItemCache(pNew->id); Add above: if (!pNew) return false; But try to put a sys_err to see what the id in the GetItemCache is. But as i saw you using [email protected]_source:/usr/home/game/cores/db # gdb db -c db.core vanilla_source (vanilla) so you should probably ask her, because she changed a lot of stuff. Try the solution and let us know.
  9. Good idea, Thanks for the tool. I don't know how that sounds to others but to me sounds weird -> Last night I was kinda playing with granny a bit and this tool was born.
  10. You have absolutely right about the C++ in 2020. The web developing have more money and you can complete the tasks faster, the frameworks this days makes the jobs easier, and the Javascript libraries makes everything smooth so you can build websites fast and applications for mobiles even Games with a simple JS Library (React Native, Flutter and much more). I wish you luck with your business.
  11. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hey, Today i will show you how can you stop the collision while a player is Invisible (GM Command or Ninja Stealth Skill). Code: File: InstanceBaseBattle.cpp Find: BOOL CInstanceBase::CheckAdvancing() Search for: if (rkActorSelf.TestActorCollision(rkActorEach)) For those who use Marty Source: - Add above: CInstanceBase * pkInstBase = CPythonCharacterManager::Instance().GetInstancePtr(rkActorEach.GetVirtualID()); if (pkInstBase) { if (pkInstBase->HasAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY) && !__MainCanSeeHiddenThing() || pkInstBase->HasAffect(AFFECT_EUNHYEONG) && !__MainCanSeeHiddenThing()) continue; } Otherwise: Add above: CInstanceBase * pkInstBase = CPythonCharacterManager::Instance().GetInstancePtr(rkActorEach.GetVirtualID()); if (pkInstBase) { if (pkInstBase->HasAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY) || pkInstBase->HasAffect(AFFECT_EUNHYEONG)) continue; } For those who don't have the HasAffect function: File: InstanceBaseEffect.cpp Add the function somewhere: int CInstanceBase::HasAffect(DWORD dwIndex) { if (dwIndex >= AFFECT_NUM) return 0; return m_adwCRCAffectEffect[dwIndex]; } File: InstanceBase.h Search for: void __ClearAffects(); Add above: int HasAffect(DWORD dwIndex);
  12. The RecvMainCharacter is useless HEADER_GC_MAIN_CHARACTER = 15 (Binary) and serverside HEADER_GC_MAIN_CHARACTER_OLD = 15. The right packet is the HEADER_GC_MAIN_CHARACTER2_EMPIRE = 113 (Binary) and serverside HEADER_GC_MAIN_CHARACTER = 113. About the BGM packets that updating the warp is all fine, cause you need to update the wrap for the right sound (I'm not sure if is really needed in binary though). I'm just saying this for understanding.
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