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  1. When i tryp to debug the game.core, i get always this error from gdb BFD: /usr/home/game/share/game symbol number 8607 references nonexistent SHT_SYMTAB_SHNDX section Can't read symbols from /usr/home/game/share/game: no error I work on Freebsd12.0 64bit
  2. you have to compile in Distribute mode
  3. I have the same problem and when i copy a libssl.so.6 and rename it in 8, it say to me that its a unspported file layout
  4. So I have to just rebuild the extern? But how I can do it with Server Source? I think there is more to rebuild just the extern,so I can compile it with vs2019
  5. Which packages i have to download? What kind of library i have to build?
  6. I know, I would never bring up the live Server on Windows. I want that it be more pleasent for me and I like more the IDE of VS. It would be enough for me, when I can compile Server Source on VS2019 and then just upload the db and game file on my FreeBSD. And I know it's possible to do that all, but that are not my question. I asked for a tutorial/documents, that show to me how to do it.
  7. The most people work still with VS2013 because of the toolset. I want to work with VS2019 but i have to update the client source, so it can be compiled on the newest toolset from VS2019. Is there any tutorial/document that show me how to do that? Second Question is, i want use my Windows 10 as Host for my Server, so that im not dependent anymore on FreeBSD. And I want build my Server Source on VS2019 and not anymore on FreeBSD. I saw it by @Sanii, how he didnt work anymore with FreeBSD and instead he use his Windows 10 and XAMPP. Is there a tutorial/document that show me how to do that?
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