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  1. I would like to support that ! I have a lot of Ressources
  2. How can i set more than one filter on true, at the moment is so when i activate one of the filters it's works fine but when i activate the second one it picks up all the items. Example: 1.I activate only Weapon, the filter works fine it's not picking up any Weapon anymore 2. I activate Weapon and Armor, the filter isn't work anymore, so it's picking up all the items i drop
  3. Hey Devs, i need some help about both Storages, i want to put the normal Storage into the special one as category, well i did it already but i don't really know how to open the Storage window in the same window. When i click the category, it should just open the window in the same window like the others. Greets, Dexter
  4. I can't ride the mount, it's following me but doesn't ride it..
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