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  1. Hey guys, i need a Hint about how to bind the interface of the Safebox into the SpecialStorage like this : i tried through RefreshBagSlotWindow by calling the safebox function but it's not working. Here is my code(uiSpecialStorage.py): I would really appreciate if someone can help me doing that. Solved!
  2. Just tried this out, everything works so far, but when i'm trying to connect to the game i get a Runtime Error, tried also debug mode from vs but don't really recognize the error.
  3. @Rusef @MentaLL just updated the main topic with the fix.
  4. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hey folks, i was asked if it's possible to change the Field of View ingame through option and i wanted to share with you. This is what this Release looks like: Locale_inc.h PythonApplication.cpp PythonApplicationModule.cpp PythonSystem.cpp PythonSystem.h PythonSystemModule.cpp uisystemoption.py uiscript/systemoptiondialog.py locale_xx/xx/locale_interface.txt UPDATE SHOP_SIGN: PythonApplicat
  5. I would like to support that ! I have a lot of Ressources
  6. How can i set more than one filter on true, at the moment is so when i activate one of the filters it's works fine but when i activate the second one it picks up all the items. Example: 1.I activate only Weapon, the filter works fine it's not picking up any Weapon anymore 2. I activate Weapon and Armor, the filter isn't work anymore, so it's picking up all the items i drop
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