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  1. i dont get any error so i really dont know where i can find problem isnt problem here somewhere??
  2. Hi.. i need a little help.. after add pet system, it show me this
  3. now i have this: main.cpp:497: error: redeclaration of 'std::string temp_exp_line' main.cpp:474: error: 'std::string temp_exp_line' previously declared here
  4. Hi.. I need help with little problem.. i add new pet system and when i try compile server source it give me this error.. can someone help me??? -> main.cpp:483: error: 'temp_exp_line' was not declared in this scope here my main.cpp https://pastebin.com/rdzv7LCP
  5. Hi.. when i log in it shut down. syserr.txt :
  6. I transtaling client into czech language but this happened to me and i dont know what with it.. help please
  7. Hello.. i have problems with server and dont know what to do with it Channel1 syserr :
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