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  1. Ken sorry to disturb you,
    your message store is full right now,
    can you tell me your skype id please,
    i wont take to much of your time,
    And i dont have any stupid [help request] or time losing questions.

    i will take just few seconds of your time,
    and i can also pay.

    1. Ken


      You can leave your skype address here if you want.

    2. bibibi2
  2. sorry wrong message section, please delete my message, sorry to all
  3. Guys i am sorry to disturb, do you remember in the original metin2 korea ( 2004 - 2008 back to those years ) -how it was possible to upgrade spirit stones up to +5 ? (like on metin2.us with the smith in valley?) -how did they make P skills so easily? (tons of youtube videos showing low level players having P skills) -same question for skill books from m1 to g1 -exacly which bonus did they had on their items? ( like on .us strong & defense against classes ?) \ ( what about bonus 6\7 , tons of korean videos showing items with 7 bonuses , and which type of bonuses they had ?) (did they had 2000hp as max bonuses, or as initial official server where we had 800 as max?)
  4. guys someone know back in korean videos of 2004\2005 how it was possible to make skill to perfect master? only by getting a soul stone from <<mission book espert>> or in some other way? i also saw that on korean 1st official server the spirit stones were up to +5 how could you upgrade them \ find them?
  5. Hello i am currently looking for someone that own an update locale.lua and someone that is completly able to convert english to romanian english to german to make other locale. PM high payment service.
  6. Guys i m currently trying to extract mob proto from official client or at least having a 2016 version of it. but nothing to do, and the only one that worked , didint extract gold min gold max can someone help me with this situation?
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