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  1. there is no such file like relative.cpp
  2. Hi dev! Sorry for my english. I have a problem, offline shop crash title with %s Example: Click ok and channel game.core. Can u help me? Thanks Kind regards
  3. #Solved Fix: open ssh: service mysql-server restart mysql > common > open gmhost > add your server ip
  4. Hi guys, sorry for my english. before first channel is turned on, after second a channel is not turned on. and core & syslog Channel syslog: Aug 18 23:26:57.118331 :: <shutdown> Starting... Aug 18 23:26:57.118340 :: <shutdown> Destroying CArenaManager... Aug 18 23:26:57.118349 :: ARENA: ArenaMap will be destroy. mapIndex(26) Aug 18 23:26:57.118358 :: ARENA: End Duel PID_A(0) vs PID_B(0) Aug 18 23:26:57.118367 :: ARENA: End Duel PID_A(0) vs PID_B(0) Aug 18 23:26:57.118375 :: ARENA: End Duel PID_A(0) vs PID_B(0) Aug 18 23:26:57.118383 :: ARENA: End D
  5. Hi guys, sorry for my english. I have a problem, i will be glad if you help me. Core BT; #0 CHARACTER::GetName (this=0x0) at basic_string.h:280 #1 0x08168c3a in CInputMain::Whisper (this=0x2b60649c, ch=0x543b8000, data=0x54be1000 "\023)", uiBytes=42) at input_main.cpp:471 #2 0x0816a9ef in CInputMain::Analyze (this=0x2b60649c, d=0x2b606400, bHeader=<value optimized out>, c_pData=0x54be1000 "\023)") at input_main.cpp:3618 #3 0x0814e81b in CInputProcessor::Process (this=0x2b60649c, lpDesc=0x2b606400, c_pvOrig=0x54be1000, iBytes=42, [email protected]) at inp
  6. The channel closes while teleporting game.core
  7. Hi guys, First sorry my english. I need help. Channel1's game.core. Please can you help me? Game.core; #0 0x080741d3 in CHARACTER::SetWarpLocation () at char.cpp:5910 gs_bgmVolEnable = false __gthread_active = -1 gs_bgmInfoMap = {_M_t = { _M_impl = {<std::allocator<std::_Rb_tree_node<std::pair<const unsigned int, BGMInfo> > >> = {<__gnu_cxx::new_allocator<std::_Rb_tree_node<std::pair<const un
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