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  1. Hi, I have a problem with the basic mount system. After re-logging on the mount, there is such a problem https://i.imgur.com/5y9n9cl.gifv Can someone tell me which file is responsible for it?
  2. I Define Only Weapon Costume System and Try on costumewindow.py COSTUME_START_INDEX+2...COSTUME_START_INDEX+20 #ifdef ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Start = c_Equipment_Start + 19; // [ÁÖŔÇ] ĽýŔÚ(19) ÇϵĺÄÚµů ÁÖŔÇ. ÇöŔç Ľ­ąöżˇĽ­ ÄÚ˝şĂő ˝˝·ÔŔş 19şÎĹÍŔÓ. Ľ­ąö common/length.h ĆÄŔĎŔÇ EWearPositions ż­°ĹÇü Âü°í. const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Body = c_Costume_Slot_Start + 0; const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Hair = c_Costume_Slot_Start + 1; #ifdef ENABLE_MOUNT_COSTUME_SYSTEM const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Mount = c_Costume_Slot_Start + 2; #endif #ifdef ENABLE_ACCE_COSTUME_SYSTEM const
  3. Hello! I have a problem with unpacking this Mob_Proto or could anyone spare their 2/3 minutes to unpack this files? If there is a possibility, can someone tell me how to unpack it? http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/gC9UwPNt/file.html
  4. Hello I have a few problems with the item swap system. 1. He moves badly. 2. It transfers 2 items. 3. Red Color when moving. 4. Fake animation. 5. The fish enter the fishing rod. #ifndef __SWAPITEM_SYSTEM__ return false; #else { if (Cell.IsEquipPosition() || DestCell.IsEquipPosition()) return false; if (item->GetType() == ITEM_ARMOR or item->GetType() == ITEM_WEAPON or item->GetType() == ITEM_COSTUME) { LPITEM itemSrc = GetInventoryItem(Cell.cell); LPITEM itemDest = GetInventoryItem(DestCell.cell); if (itemSrc ==
  5. Hello! Anyone can help me with: https://pastebin.com/6vFAx8KX
  6. Anyone can upload Binary Source ? @Vanilla When I was trying to compile I got the error:
  7. Anyone can help ? With this error ? https://pastebin.com/CdFpjSve
  8. Hello! 1) Can not see the value of the item on Absorbtion and upgrade window(Sash) 2) My character Causes injury 0 dmg when i equip Sash 25%. On x%<25 its ok 3) Bug Green Frame When i Absorb Bonus; a ) Sash gets 100% bonuses B ) Sasha does not get the basic value of the item (Value of attack) c ) I do not see Sash Absorbation value C ) Sorry For my bad englando
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