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  1. hi anyone have makefile for mercour2 files? i want to compile the source thanks
  2. hi i want someone who can help me on src problems and everything about src pm me
  3. hello 1-i want to know i can compile the src 2-i'm using Mercour2 files and please don't say its bad or many problem i need the full src with it and how i can compile this src (Mercour2 files) and i need answer in short time i'm in hurry thanks
  4. Yeah when the src linking stop here
  5. Hi guys i have such a many problems and i want u guys to help me and remeber all this problems in ServerFilles ,client src everyting from bestpro 1.6 1- All logs in the server GM codes - chat-whispers-trade-etc... i cant saw it in the navicat and in the FTP 2-i have problem with localeinfo when i change the APP_TITLE sysser 0617 08:46:00765 :: ================================================== ================================================== ======== 0617 08:46:00765 :: Abort!!!! and this when i launch it https://prnt.sc/fksblb
  6. guys WTF is that ? no one in know how i can fix this? i want to start my server just help guys
  7. Remove the old one and put the new one
  8. then this come to me https://prnt.sc/fejwhn when i do make install clean
  9. guys noone know how i can fix it? really?
  10. What i type tell me from a to z by the way when i wright cd /usr/ports/devel/gmake then u need to see https://prnt.sc/fejwhn
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