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  1. Nice job. A skype or discord adress?
  2. one of the best global servers. I recommend with confidence, the capable and serious team that dedicates its time and resources to the server.
  3. The server looks great, we wait for the opening. I hope that in the future, if not at the opening, there will be the Romanian language introduced in the client.
  4. If you added this map, send me some pictures in private with her.
  5. Hi Metin2Dev Today I decided to share with you my first map. Note : If I forgot to put something in the archive, please leave me a reply. MapSize : 2 x 3 Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/cpwfvc6h1570glj/M2DEV_Forest_map.rar/file The attr is in the folder with the map "forest_map" Map Preview
  6. I'll try to do something that matches "Metin2". Thank you for your opinion. :3
  7. Hello Metin2Dev, today I decided to give you a new "improved" texture of the white lion Preview : Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/jirbfbb4aqe5sbp/New_White_Lion_Texture.zip/file Archive Password : metin2dev.org
  8. On the graphics side looks great, I hope it will catch on to the players. Good luck with the project.
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