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  1. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Mediafire There is nothing interesting, just some custom colors for the Aquarian skins that I made, I think that through 2018-2019, I hope they will be useful to you. There are 7 different colors. Preview VirusTotal
  2. Origins2.Global - Summer Event Preview Added
  3. Origins2.Global - Summer Event (Pirate Icons)
  4. Origins2.Global - Inventory Shortcuts Buttons added
  5. Behance Profile: https://www.behance.net/winders DeviantArt Profile: https://www.deviantart.com/witind Pinterest Profile: https://pinterest.com/cwiinderss/ Discord ID: Cătălin [Winders]#6066 Origins2.Global - Ramadan event forum banner Origins2.Global - Ramadan event facebook banner Origins2.Global - Inventory Shortcuts Buttons Origins2.Global - Summer Event (Pirate Icons) Origins2.Global - Summer Event Preview I will update the topic with new images periodically
  6. will you sell them this time? or are you just posting them again?
  7. price for halloween weapon set?
  8. Nice job. A skype or discord adress?
  9. one of the best global servers. I recommend with confidence, the capable and serious team that dedicates its time and resources to the server.
  10. The server looks great, we wait for the opening. I hope that in the future, if not at the opening, there will be the Romanian language introduced in the client.
  11. If you added this map, send me some pictures in private with her.
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