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  1. Hi @xP3NG3Rx can you help me? 

    Do you have skype address, Don't worry, easy question :))

    If you want to add my skype address:

    live: recor_ding 

    1. xP3NG3Rx


      Hey, I'm not using skype so often, ask it via PM, but mostly I'm out of any offers right now. Have no time for metin2 section, but I'm not closed either, yet.

    2. ismailapa42
  2. Yes and locale dont reading ıtem_scale.txt
  3. @xP3NG3Rx lycan hair models wich packs ? found under the item names, Example: ..ymir work/item/quest/74545.tga http://wiki.metin2.es/index.php/Peinados_de_Licano
  4. thank you very much , the ones on the official server have always been interesting. pet reverti and pet revertus items
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