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  1. If i hide Shops it will hide the names over the players/npc too. ?
  2. I dont have it anymore.. try to edit these 2 def.. i dont remember def __gira_bonus(self): if self.slotitem != None: self.__Switch(self.slotitem,self.slotgira) ------------------------------------ def OnUpdate(self): if self.slotitem != None: self.__Switch(self.slotitem,self.slotgira)
  3. I ddnt see too, i have to right click on xxxxx.jpg -> open image on new tab to see it
  4. Hi, I dont know if its a bug.. Anyway when a mob have more than 1 race/flag like this: MILGYO,ATT_WIND on target info i get: Race: None and subspecies: None There is any way to fix this?
  5. Done, a friend helped me with!
  6. Hey, hope some1 can help.. I need a function for spawn a effect for a "unique_vid" that is a mob/boss when i decide.. I write this (im so noob), but i have error on compile. int dungeon_unique_boss_effect(lua_State* L) { if (!lua_isstring(L, 1) || !lua_isstring(L, 2)) { sys_err("invalid argument"); return 0; } CQuestManager& q = CQuestManager::instance(); LPDUNGEON pDungeon = q.GetCurrentDungeon(); if (pDungeon) { LPCHARACTER boss_ch = pDungeon->GetUniqueVid(lua_tostring(L,1)); if (NULL == boss_ch) return 0; if (lua_isstring(L, 2)) { boss_ch->SpecificEffectPacket (lua_tostring(L, 2)); } return 0; } } I get this error: compile questlua_dungeon.cpp questlua_dungeon.cpp: In function 'int quest::dungeon_unique_boss_effect(lua_State*)': questlua_dungeon.cpp:512: error: invalid conversion from 'DWORD' to 'CHARACTER*' Thanks in advance..
  7. ok i finnaly fix it alone. thx anyway
  8. I realized that the problem is in this: that still try to swap Bonus even if the item isn't on slot def OnUpdate(self): self.refresh(self.slotitem,self.slotgira) So I have tryed some test like this (for let it to check if the item is on slot) But nothing cause i dont know the right python language.. def OnUpdate(self): if int(player.GetItemCount(attachedSlotPos)) > 0: self.refresh(self.slotitem,self.slotgira) Any suggest? thx
  9. no one know what i need to do for fix my error? thx in advance!
  10. Hey.. maybe some1 can help me.. 1° sorry for my english im so bad.. Read my last message I want put this "manual switchbonus" on my client(image below).. I have 40k server but i have some error on syseer: 0224 02:55:53431 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0224 02:55:53431 :: File "uiswitch.py", line 159, in OnUpdate 0224 02:55:53431 :: File "uiswitch.py", line 139, in refresh 0224 02:55:53432 :: TypeError 0224 02:55:53432 :: : 0224 02:55:53432 :: an integer is required 0224 02:55:53432 :: This error was repeating at infinite on my syseer if i open the switchbonus. I take the switcher from a client and i try to put on mine.. until switcher is not open there are no error.. Lets explain what i have done.. I add this on root/game.py: Then i add uiswitch.py on root changing "import locale" to "import localeInfo" Then i add to my locale_it/it/ui switcher.py and the folder with image of switcher So... Ingame the switcher is working but i take 1mb syseer in 2 min. Before you ask.. Yes i have read this my same error and i have fix my locale_game.txt but still the same error So.. i have put something wrong or dont know.. my python is so bad. If someone know how help me thank you This is the image of switchbonus.
  11. when kill with npc.get_race() == 635 or npc.get_race() == 636 or npc.get_race() == 637 begin
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